Potty Training Learning with the Animals

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  • Potty Training Learning with the Animals
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  • Last modified: July 19, 2017
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Encourage your toddler to go potty by watching a bunch of cute animals head to their own potties.

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Price: $2.99
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If you’re trying to get your toddler to go potty, Potty Training Learning with Animals wants to help. This app uses cute animals and a semi-catchy potty training song to encourage kids to use the potty on their own. While the content is cute and likely to entertain toddlers for a few moments, the app itself has a lot of quality issues that make it hard for it to fulfill its goal of helping toddlers use the potty.

Features include:

  • Interactive potty activity
  • Fun potty song
  • Parent resource center
  • Available in 10 languages


Since this app was first released, developers have worked to add a bunch of improvements. Unfortunately, it feels as if the improvements have only decreased the quality of the app. Parents can access a protected parent area which contains multiple resources including a video on how to potty train kids, a forum focused on potty training, and potty training coloring pages. Unfortunately, the coloring pages are just linked to Pinterest pins, the forum lacks content, and the training video continues playing even when you exit the parent area, playing in the background throughout the rest of the app. The same happens with the potty song kids can select to play from the main screen. In the interactive activity, the quality is a little better and features cute animals and plenty of animation.


The idea of the app is to encourage toddlers to use the potty and to teach them proper potty habits. An embedded video instructs kids how to sit on the potty, wipe, and wash their hands. Unfortunately, the same steps are not reiterated in the interactive portion of the app where kids help the animals and other characters use the potty. In the protected parent area, parents will find links to additional potty content, including an embedded video on how to potty train a child, potty coloring sheets, and a forum related to potty training. While a good effort, the content does fall a bit short of being truly helpful.


Potty Training Learning with the Animals offers two main activities to entertain kids: an interactive screen where they help different animals go to the potty and a potty song that shows the steps kids should follow when going to the potty. The video is a bit lengthy and not likely to hold a toddler’s attention for long. However, toddlers will likely enjoy helping animals go to the potty and tapping around their homes to make the spiders, mice, and other objects move.


Given the lack of quality and basic activities, parents may find this app is over-priced. A lot of the most valuable content is in the form of embedded online videos which parents can access for free outside of the app.

Child Friendliness

One area where this app does well is in the area of child friendliness. Strong parental locks protect content in the parent area and keep kids from viewing and downloading other developer apps. The more apps icon is still visible though. Kids can also access the settings area to change the language which is likely to appeal to the toddlers the app is designed to reach.

  • Protected parent area (can contain external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)

Encourage your toddler to go potty by watching a bunch of cute animals head to their own potties.

Editor rating
Rated 3.5 stars