Pacca Alpaca-Australia

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Review Summary:

Pacca Alpaca-Australia is a great educational app that teaches children their shapes, colors, and counting in a fun, vibrant environment.

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Pacca Alpaca-Austratlia is a great app with lots of great illustrations, animations, and educational activities that children will love. While learning things like their colors, shapes, and numbers, players get to follow a fun Alpaca around Australia for various educational adventures. Highly engaging and fun, this app is one that will likely become a family favorite.

Features include:

  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Great illustrations


There is no doubt, Pacca Alpaca-Australia is very well done with professional images and interactive illustrations that will keep children engaged, learning, and having fun. There are fabulous sound effects and music that add more interest to an already great app. While the illustrations and sound effects are quite professional and very well done, it would help to provide more clear directions for children so they know how to proceed with each activity as it isn’t always entirely clear.


There are a variety of educational activities included in this app that will help children learn and practice their counting, shapes, and colors. The developers have also done a great job incorporating the educational bits in a very natural way to keep children engaged in the app. Players also get ample practice in each educational area since there are several activities for each skill that help children learn through repetition. Overall this is a great educational app.


The developers have done a nice job of incorporating the educational activities in a fun and entertaining way. The app seems to share a bit of a story of one Alpaca who is traveling around various places in Australia and on each stop is a new activity to explore. The fun animations like the Alpaca riding in a boat or enjoying a barbecue on the beach keeps children engaged as they move between the educational activities.


Priced at just under four dollars this app is a good deal. The illustrations and educational activities included within the app are of high quality and with the ability to reset the activities, this app is one that children will enjoy several times over. While it might cost a bit more than other similar apps, it is one that will quickly become a family favorite.

Child Friendliness

While each educational activity is fairly easy to use it isn’t always completely clear what needs to be done in order to complete some of the activities. The developers have included various sparkles and arrows to help guide children as they play, but providing a bit more direction would be helpful. Other than that, this app is great for children of all ages.

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Pacca Alpaca-Australia is a great educational app that teaches children their shapes, colors, and counting in a fun, vibrant environment.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars