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Child Friendly
Orchard Toys is an all in one app that includes early learning activities with varying difficulty levels for young players to test their problem solving skills. With puzzles, matching, and memory games this app is fun for children of all ages!

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Orchard Toys is a great compilation of fun activities for children to play on the go. With jigsaw puzzles, memory games, and shape matching, children have the opportunity to play a variety of fun activities with varying difficulty levels. This all in one app is perfect for children of all ages and offers hours of entertainment and practice with problem solving skills.

Features include:

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Memory activity
  • Matching activity
  • Multiple difficulty levels


While the concept is quite simple, Orchard Toys offers lots of easy to use activities for children of all ages. The developers have done a nice job of creating an app that is visually appealing with brightly colored images and illustrations as well as simple sound effects that help bring the app to life. The user interface is designed with easy tap and drag functioning so children of all ages are able to play on their own without a ton of instructions or assistance from parents. Overall, this app is well done.


For children who need a bit of practice using their problem solving skills, this app is perfect. Each activity allows children to use their logic in completing jigsaw puzzles, memory games, and shape/color matching games. Each activity also offers three difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) that allows players to test their skills at varying levels making it more challenging. This progressive difficulty levels provides a great opportunity for children of all ages to test their skills with each of the activities making it perfect for families with multiple children.


For children who love a good challenge, this app is equally entertaining as it is educational. With the varying difficulty levels and the many activities included within the app, players will have no problem staying engaged and entertained for hours. With 8 jigsaw puzzles, and the multiple options for matching colors, shapes, and patterns in the matching activity, Orchard Toys offers lots of concepts for children to enjoy and explore.


Priced at just under one dollar, Orchard Toys is a great value. With 8 jigsaw puzzles, matching games, and a memory activity, plus three levels of difficulty for each activity, this app offers hours of fun for children. Parents can rest assured this app is worth every penny.

Child Friendliness

Easy to use and safe too, the developers have done an excellent job creating an app that is great for children of all ages. With a simple to use interface that doesn’t require any instructions to begin, children can play independently. Parents will also be happy to know that this app is perfectly safe for children to enjoy as there are no external links to be concerned about.

  • Protected parent area (can contain external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchases
  • NO social media

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