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Opera Maker is a fun, creative app that allows children to enjoy a few favorite operas and create their very own. Great for the creative child who loves creating their own stories.

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Opera Maker is an app that takes children on a wonderful adventure into various famous operas and allows them to create one of their very own. This creative app is one that music lovers will really enjoy as they create their own operas with fun characters, villains, props, and musical stories that they can save and revisit.

Features include:

  • 3 Famous operas included
  • Creative concept
  • Music


The developers have done a fantastic job of creating an app that is fun, easy to use, and safe too. With great cartoon-like graphics, music and simple animations, this creative app is one that children will truly enjoy especially if they love to create their own stories etc. The New Opera section provides prompts for children to follow to add their own characters, backgrounds, props, music etc. so they don’t get stuck. One thing that would be nice to have is a narrated version of the prompts in addition to the written versions.


While this app isn’t necessarily set up to be primarily educational in nature, it does teach children about creating stories and the various parts of an opera. In the New Opera section of the app, players are prompted to set up their opera in stages and in doing so they learn the various parts of an opera including casting, overture, recitative I, aria I etc. This hands on way of creating and learning is lots of fun for children as they can see their opera come to life in the end and share with friends and family.


For children who love to create their own stories and who love music, this app is a lot of fun. They not only get to explore and enjoy three famous operas, but they also get to create their own by setting the characters, music, props, backgrounds etc. This is a fun way for children to explore their creativity and to share it with friends and family. One added bonus that this app offers is the ability to record your own voice for the characters making it highly customizable. Players can also save and share their finished operas for later viewing.


It’s hard to believe an app like this could be free, but it is! Parents will definitely appreciate the awesome value that is included in this fun and easy to use app at no cost to them.

Child Friendliness

Opera Maker is an app that is easy to use and safe too. With written prompts throughout the app to guide players in creating their own operas, the developers have done a great job of making this app child friendly. Adding a bit of narration for the instructions would also be helpful for younger players to help guide them through the process of creating their own opera.

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