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Child Friendly
Who needs shark week when you have an app like Ocean Forests that takes learning to the next level? This underwater virtual app is full of awesome images and great information for children of all ages!

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Who needs shark week when you can have a virtual world of under water sea creatures and fun facts to learn all in one app? Ocean Forests is an interactive learning experience that allows children to learn a variety of information in a 3D underwater adventure. With an educational story and additional fun activities to enjoy, this app is one children are going to love.

Features include:

  • Narration options (Read to Me/Read to Myself)
  • 3D Underwater exploring
  • 2 Additional games


The first thing you notice upon entering this app is the unique 3D underwater environment that allows children to get a real life feel of what is going on under the sea. With loads of kelp flowing, fish swimming, and other creatures moving about, children are going to love interacting with the amazing underwater world. The developers have done a magnificent job with the visuals in this app as they paid attention to almost every detail. The sound effects, narration, and background music are all very well done too. The soothing music goes nicely with the movement of this awesome underwater world making it an all around great experience.


Ocean Forests is full of educational material that children are going to love. Including facts about amazing animals, plants that live in the sea and various parts that make up the kelp that lives on the ocean floor, this app is full of information. What’s even better is the way it is delivered. Not only do children have a chance to read through the in-app story, but they can also interact with the 3D activity that allows them to tap and touch various animals and plants to learn more about them. Add to that the text highlighting and narration options and you have a fabulously educational app for kids.


There is nothing better than an incredibly educational app that also offers other fun activities for children to enjoy and Ocean Forests is that app. In addition to the story and the interactive 3D underwater exploration, the developers have included 2 additional activities. One is a mind matching game with various levels of difficulty and another that is a trivia game also varying in difficulty. Both of these additional activities add to the entertainment value of the app making it one that children will love.


Priced at just under three dollars this app is a steal! When you consider all of the activities, narration options, text highlighting as well as the fun games to enjoy, this is sure to quickly become a family favorite.

Child Friendliness

Ocean Forests is incredibly easy to use and safe for kids of all ages. With simple tap and touch technology, players can easily move through the app without any instruction at all. The trivia game may take some getting used to, but after one or two plays, children are going to be playing like pros. Overall, very well suited for children of all ages.

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