New & Noteworthy – December 18, 2015: Create. Explore. Discover.

Welcome to another New & Noteworthy, where we bring you all the cool new apps available for your kids. This week we’ve found some great new apps that will quench your child’s desire to let their creativity shine. Included this week are apps that will allow your child to build their own worlds and create their own games. If your child loves trains, make sure to check below.

Toca Blocks

Your kids will be delighted with this app as they are given lots of creative control. They will be given building blocks with which to create their own worlds. Trees, water, and teleporters are just some of the elements  they can use to fill their world, along with making buildings and more. They will also have characters that they can move around in their new worlds.

Coda Game

Why play a game when you can create your own! With Coda Game, kids are given the tools they need to learn to program their game. They will also learn about computational thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and logic. This is a great way for your techie child to learn while have fun playing. It can lay the groundwork for a great future in computer science.

Sesame Street Makes Music

In this app, your child will have the opportunity to explore instruments, tempo, and musical creativity. Your child will enjoy playing their favorite songs with their favorite characters. They will play songs such as “If you’re Happy and You Know It” and “Old McDonald.” They will have lots of fun exploring different instruments and exercising their creativity.

DADA Trains

The perfect app for your little train lover! This app allows your child to enjoy a wide variety of experiences and activities.  From learning the parts of the train to being the conductor, they will learn all about how a steam locomotive works. They will have the opportunity to understand how a steam locomotive works, design their own steam locomotive, play the engineer to drive through different scenarios, plus much more.