My Alphabet: Underwater ABC for Kids

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My Alphabet: Underwater ABC for Kids is a great early learning app that teaches children to learn, recognize, build words, and write the alphabet. Perfect for young children!

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My Alphabet: Underwater ABC for Kids is an easy to use early learning app that teaches children to learn, recognize, and write the letters of the alphabet. With fun puzzle concepts, writing activities, letter recognition games, and a missing letter activity, children will learn a great deal of information about the alphabet in this fun underwater themed app.

Features include:

  • 6 Mini games
  • Puzzles
  • Letter writing
  • Narration options throughout


The developers have done a great job of creating a visually engaging app that children will love. With a lovely underwater theme in the background of each activity, children can see fish, bubbles, and coral in various images as they learn. The narration throughout for the activities is also a great as it helps players through each activity. They have also included simple tap and touch technology that is very easy to use to move through each mini game making this app quite intuitive. Overall, this is a great early learning app for kids.


With 6 mini games to explore children have lots of opportunities to learn and practice their alphabet. Players will not only learn the alphabet sequence, but also the names of each letter, how to write each letter and they will learn to recognize each letter visually. With puzzle games, fill in the blank, and matching activities the developers have set up a creative way for children to learn their alphabet in a fun environment.

There is also an activity that allows players to form their own words by dragging and dropping letters in place. This portion of the app does provide narration for each letter, but doesn’t actually read the word for players. It would be helpful in this section of the app to include specific site words for children to replicate and spell. This would add an opportunity for children to learn to spell various words which would be really helpful for early learners.

While overall this app is great for early learners, it would be nice to add a phonics activity under the ‘letter sounds’ section of the app. In addition to teaching children the names of each letter, allowing players to learn the sound each letter makes would definitely add a great deal of value to this app.


While the activities in this app are primarily educational they are set up in a fun way that will keep children engaged. With puzzles, matching, and fill in the blank games to complete, this app creates an entertaining way for children to learn their alphabet. The developers could add an additional game that combines some of the things children have learned throughout the app as an added bonus activity to increase the entertainment value, but overall the entertainment value of this app is pretty good.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app has a lot to offer in terms of educational value. With 6 mini games to enjoy while learning the alphabet, the names of each letter and letter writing, this app is a good deal. Parents will certainly be happy with the overall value.

Child Friendliness

With simple tapping and drag and drop technology this app is very easy to use for young children. The narration helps to keep players engaged as they play. While the user interface is fairly simple to use, parents may need to provide a bit of guidance when children are first playing each activity until they get the hang of it.

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