Motion Math: Cupcake!

Motion Math: Cupcake!

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Motion Math: Cupcake! is an awesome educational app that plays like a game to teach children math concepts including word problems, economics, multiplication, and fractions as they build and run their cupcake business.

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Motion Math: Cupcake! is an incredibly entertaining and educational app that teaches children a variety of math skills in a unique and fun game. With a cupcake business and the freedom to create exciting new cupcakes, players must create, sell, and deliver their orders in order to make money and keep their business going. Throw in math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, word problems, and fractions and you have an awesome app that is highly entertaining and teaches children so much more than math.

Features include:

  • Profit concept
  • Word problems
  • Fractions
  • Basic math (addition, subtraction, and multiplication)


There is no doubt this app is lots of fun to play and is very well done in all aspects. The visuals are great and the set up is fairly easy to use once players try it once or twice they will have not trouble moving through the app with ease. The developers have done a great job implementing the math concepts in a virtual type setting while still making it feel like a game which is great! Everything from the illustrations, animations, user interface and sound effects are of high quality making this app one not to miss!

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Not only does Motion Math: Cupcake! teach children a variety of math concepts in a game-like setting, it also provides a real world application for how these math concepts might be used. For instance, as children set prices for their cupcake creations, they must be aware of the price of their ingredients so they are making a profit. Once their cupcakes are made, they can begin taking orders and setting up the deliveries on the map by using other concepts like fractions and word problems. As the game progresses, players will need to replenish their supplies, change recipes, unlock additional ingredients and as they do so the math problems increase in difficulty. The idea is to make as much profit as possible through out the app. Overall, the educational value of this app is incredible and children are sure to get a ton of practice with their math skills as they build their cupcake business.


While this is a very educational app and it teaches children a ton of math concepts, it is also very entertaining. The game-like set up encourages children to build their cupcake business and make record profits as they learn and practice their math skills. With special bonuses that can be earned with speedy deliveries, this app offers a nice balance of entertainment and education.



Priced at just under five dollars this app is one that might be a bit more expensive than some other educational apps but it does have a ton of value. With several math concepts including addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, word problems, and economics and the game-like feel, this app has lots to offer and it is well worth the cost.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a great job of creating an app that is quite intuitive and easy to play. With the first play, children will be creating their menus, building cupcakes, and making deliveries all while they learn with ease. In the event children get stuck, there are simple visual prompts to assist which is great.

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