Migalolo: The Ocean Musical

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Migalolo: The Ocean Musical is a fabulous educational experience that includes wonderful music, a fun storyline, and lots of information about the ocean and it's inhabitants.

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Migalolo is not just an educational ocean ebook, it is an overall musical experience that provides children with wonderful information about the ocean in a fun way. With lots of songs, fun characters, and great information about how we can take better care of the ocean and the animals that live there, this musical book is great for children of all ages.

Features include:

  • Narration
  • Educational songs
  • 90 Minutes of adventure


Migalolo is a unique educational app that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The developers have done a nice job of incorporating music, educational facts, and an engaging story in an animated way that children will really love. The quality of the images are well done and the music and narration is flawless and really makes the overall experience very engaging.

The set-up however could use a bit of work. There are 10 chapters included in this ebook and it is approximately 90 minutes long all the way through. The developers have included a ‘bookmark’ function that allows children to save their place and resume the story at a later time, however the ‘resume’ button doesn’t always recognize the readers touch. There is also an option for children to scroll through the index to move to a particular place in the story, however it often will kick readers out of the app entirely when using that function. The in app purchase to get the final chapter of the story isn’t a smooth transition and needs some work.

Fixing those couple of bugs would greatly increase the quality of the overall app and help make the app easier to use for children.


There is no doubt there is a ton of educational value in this app. With so much information about the importance of keeping the ocean clean, how humans affect the wildlife that lives there, and other fun facts, the developers have done a wonderful job organically weaving the information into the story. Some of the songs are also very educational in nature which is great for children who are musically inclined and prefer to learn that way.

There is narration throughout the story, however the developers have not included a text highlighting option that you might see in other storybook apps. Adding this simple feature would help early readers follow along and practice their reading skills.


This entire app is an entertaining musical adventure through the ocean. Each chapter has great information, an exciting storyline, and music that will keep children engaged and coming back for more. There are no in app activities or games to play, but with 90 minutes of music and a story to go along with it, you don’t really need them.


The developers have done an amazing job of giving most of this app away for free with the final chapter available for download for just under a dollar which is an absolute steal! Parents, this is a no-brainer and absolutely worth every penny and then some.

Child Friendliness

While this app is so creative, engaging, and a ton of fun for kids, the set up needs a bit of work. The app is quite long and it would be nice to have an area where children can easily access each chapter as a whole (without getting kicked out of the app). Also the buttons don’t always recognize the readers touch so that needs a little work as well.

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Migalolo: The Ocean Musical is a fabulous educational experience that includes wonderful music, a fun storyline, and lots of information about the ocean and it's inhabitants.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars