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Math Word Problems – Step by Step App Review

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The dreaded “Word Problem”. Two words that strike fear in the hearts of children and parents everywhere. I hated them as a kid and I hate them even more now that I have to help my kids solve them! However, now I have a powerful tool to help my kids break the cycle of Word Problem-hate. Math Word Problems – Step by Step takes word problems and breaks them down into manageable and understandable steps so that children can learn how to decode these problems and solve them much more easily.

I have found when working with my daughter’s 3rd Grade class that one of the hardest things for kids to master when it comes to word problems is figuring out what information they know, and what the problem is asking them to figure out. Once they can break that down, the actual math part of the problem is easy. This app helps a child kind of “break down” these problems so that they can begin to see how the problems work. For example, the app could give you a question like this: “When Ray first moved into his house, there were no flowers in his backyard. Since then, Ray has planted 6 daffodils and 10 more poppies than daffodils. How many poppies are in his back yard now?” The app then asks the child “What answer are you looking for? “ with these choices, “How many poppies at the end” or “How many daffodils.” The correct answer would be “How many poppies at the end”. You can see how the app doesn’t ask the child to solve the problem, just to figure out what they are asking for in the problem. As the levels increase, the app breaks down the problems into even greater detail and eventually helping them solve the problems. When you child successfully completes a level, they earn play money that they can use in the Reward Center to buy clothes and accessories to customize their avatar.

I am extremely impressed with this app and the approach they take to helping kids improve their word problem solving skills. I love how they break down each problem to an understandable level. The way the levels progress in difficulty is very practical and builds on the skills learned in the previous levels. As my daughter played this game, I could actually see her confidence increase and the “lightbulb” moment when she began to understand how to read these problems. After playing this app for about 10 minutes, she actually told me that she didn’t know word problems could be so fun! As a mom, this was huge for me! I would 100%, without hesitation recommend this app to parents and teachers. I can’t wait to show my daughter’s teacher this app. Math Word Problems is one app that is way too valuable to pass up!

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Math Word Problems – Step by Step
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