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  • Last modified: March 20, 2015
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Review Summary:

Make A Scene: Easter is a fun sticker app for young children to explore their creativity as they craft a variety of pictures and scenes to share.

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Make A Scene: Easter is a cute animated sticker app that allows children to explore their creativity by creating a variety of scenes using stickers of all shapes and sizes. This easy to use app also includes narration for each animated sticker that is added to the scene creating an educational opportunity for children to learn new words and phrases.

Features include:

  • 60 Animated stickers
  • 7 Backgrounds
  • Narration for each sticker


The developers have done a nice job creating an app for toddlers that is easy to use. With simple drag and drop functioning, children will have no problem moving the stickers to the background to decorate each scene. The illustrations and stickers are also very well done with bright colors and just enough animation to keep children engaged.


While there are no specific educational games or activities included in the app, there is an opportunity for children to learn a variety of words and phrases as they play. As players move each sticker to the page, the narrator will identify the item or animal helping children learn new words as they play.


Make A Scene: Easter is a simple app, but it is one that allows children to use their creativity freely as they decorate and set up each scene. With 7 backgrounds and 60 sticker options, there is no limit to what kids can create. The stickers consist of animals, people, food, and Easter eggs that can be hidden in the grass. The developers have also included a slight animation for each sticker which creates a more engaging app for children to enjoy.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app might be a bit more than parents expect to pay for such a simple app. There are a number of stickers and backgrounds to choose from that provide children with lots of playing time, so when you consider that, the price is pretty good.

Child Friendliness

Overall the app is very easy to use and provides children with a fun environment to create a variety of scenes and pictures to enjoy and share. With that said it seems a bit heavy with the external links and advertisements and while they are protected, they can be very distracting for children on the main page. Limiting those a bit more or putting the links in one parent area would definitely increase the child friendliness of the app overall.

  • YES “external links” (protected, but visible)
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)
  • YES “social media” (protected, but visible)

Make A Scene: Easter is a fun sticker app for young children to explore their creativity as they craft a variety of pictures and scenes to share.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars