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Review Summary:

Lucky, a squirrel, and a series of educational games will entertain kids, but may be a bit challenging at times.

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Head on over to Lucky’s tree and get ready to enjoy nearly 20 fun and educational games for kids. Lucky’s Tree of Puzzles features matching games, math games, word games, puzzle games, spatial awareness games, and many other types of games kids will enjoy. As they play the games, kids will also get a chance to build their motor skills as they play games that utilize multi-touch and tilt features. The wide variety of games and they different ways to play make Lucky’s Tree of Puzzles a whole lot of fun for kids.

Features include:

  • Multiple player profile
  • Play limits
  • Track performance
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Available in English and Suomi


When kids first open the app, they’ll see Lucky’s tree clearly labeled with the names of the different games. Kids can move from the top of the bottom of the tree to focus in on the games they want to play while they listen to the cheerful background music. A settings screen allows kids to turn off the music and vibrations. They can also set up a different player profile, see their game stats. Parents have the option of setting a playtime limiter, although sneaky kids can turn it off themselves. They can also change the language from English to Suomi.

The games themselves are not very involved, but all feature clear instructions that are both written and read-aloud. With nearly 20 games, it should be expected that there will be a few kinks and indeed there are. Some of the games could use a bit more polish. Others, particularly those that utilize multi-touch and tilt technology, are a bit clunky and difficult for kids to play.


Kids can build many different skills by playing the games found in the app. They can build emotion skills with the Learn Emotions app, test their animal knowledge and learn to pay attention to detail with the follow instructions app, or test their listening abilities and reflexes with the speed test. There are also multiple games that test basic math and spelling skills. The app doesn’t seem to focus on one particular age group. For example, the Learn Numbers game is best suited for preschool and kindergarten, while the Hint Into Word game is better suited for first, second, or third grade.

When kids play the games, they must be careful to pay attention the exact instructions, as the games don’t deviate from them at all. In some instances, however, even listening to the instructions may not be enough for kids. For example, in the Follow Instructions game, when asked to tap an animal with hooves, a horse wasn’t accepted. In the pancake game, kids were warned not to let the pancake burn, but there was no visual change of color to let kids know when the pancake was done.


Each game comes with 3 levels of difficulty. For younger kids, many of the easy levels will still be extremely challenging. Thankfully there are so many games to choose from that kids can quickly move on to something else. As kids play, they’re given the opportunity to earn stars. Randomly throughout the game, Lucky will also appear on the screen and instruct kids to quickly catch a nut. If they do, they’ll be rewarded with a special card for their animal collections.


The app offers nearly 20 different games for kids, but those games come with a high price tag. Considering the inconsistency in the level of difficulty in the games and some of the quality issues present in the app, the high price tag isn’t quite justified.

Child Friendliness

Kids won’t find any in-app purchases or advertisements in the game, but they will find access to Game Center. Parents should review their Game Center accounts to make sure kids are safe while they play the game.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES Game Center access

Lucky, a squirrel, and a series of educational games will entertain kids, but may be a bit challenging at times.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars