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  • Last modified: February 6, 2015
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Lipa Knight Valentine's is a cute puzzle app with a fairytale theme that will challenge players to put their problem solving skills to work.

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Lipa Knight Valentine’s is a cute puzzle app that requires players to help the knight rescue the princess by correctly building bridges that will help the knight continue his journey. These bridges aren’t your regular bridges either, they are made of various shapes and sizes of wood that must be placed in a certain way to allow him to pass across. Simply put this is a cute, problem-solving app that children will find challenging and fun.
Features include:

  • Valentine’s Day theme
  • 20 Challenging levels
  • Puzzle concept


Lipa Knight Valentine’s is full of gorgeous illustrations with bright colors and animations that are highly entertaining. The sound effects and music used throughout the app add a nice touch to this cute app making it more engaging and interesting. The app is also easy to use with simple drag and drop technology for each of the bridge pieces to be used which is great for young children. Overall the developers have done a nice job creating a high quality app.


This app will definitely get children using their problem solving and logic skills as they piece together each bridge. Each level includes the knight on one side of a path with various dips, valleys, and streams to get over to the other side. There are a variety of pieces varying in shape that must be correctly assembled to create a smooth transition from one side to the other. Each level gets more challenging with more pieces, but it is a challenge children will love.


Not only is this app great for teaching children to use their problem solving skills, but it is also highly entertaining. With each new level, children will not only be challenged, but will enjoy helping the knight get one step closer to rescuing the princess. With that said, adding an additional activity or story to go along with the app would definitely increase the entertainment value of the app and would provide additional things to play with once children pass all of the levels.


Priced at just under one dollars this app is a great deal. With 20 challenging levels and beautiful illustrations and animations this app is one children will enjoy that won’t break the bank.

Child Friendliness

This app is a great child friendly app that is easy to use and fun too. The interface includes simple drag and drop technology which is great for children of all ages. The theme of the app includes your typical fairytale scenario where the knight in shining armor rescues the princess. Adding an option for children to select their character (princess or knight) would allow a bit more freedom as far as who is the hero and would send a very empowering message to young girls. With that said the theme and the overall concept is well done.

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Lipa Knight Valentine's is a cute puzzle app with a fairytale theme that will challenge players to put their problem solving skills to work.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars