Learning Emotions with the Rainbow Feelings Bear

Child Friendly
Learning Emotions with the Rainbow Feelings Bear is a storybook app that teaches children how to express themselves and understand a wide variety of emotions.

Review update: October 13, 2015 by Sandra Fleming

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Learning Emotions with the Rainbow Feelings Bear is a storybook app that teaches children a wide variety of feelings in an easy to follow app. This app is designed to teach children to express their emotions by following the corresponding colors and facial expressions. Great for young children who may find it difficult to express how they feel.

Features include:

  • 10 Feelings included
  • Narration options (Read to me, Read to myself)
  • How are you feeling activity


Children are sure to find the images and bright colors included in this app quite appealing. The developers have also done a nice job creating an app that has an easy to use for children of all ages. By simply tapping and touching the bears throughout the story and utilizing the arrows to move from page-to-page, children can easily enjoy this story on their own. The added narration option also helps make this app great for early readers.


Learning Emotions with the Rainbow Feelings Bear is an app that teaches children about a variety of emotions including ‘happy’, ‘surprised’, ‘angry’, and ‘jealous’. As children grow, it can be difficult for them to communicate their feelings and emotions and really understand what they are feeling. This app not only teaches children other emotions outside of being happy, sad, or angry, but also helps them to share what they are feeling with parents and other adults in their lives using the ‘How are you feeling?’ activity.

With this being a storybook app it seems the developers have missed an opportunity to add a bit of reading practice with text highlighting in addition to the narration that is included. Adding this would certainly increase the overall educational value of the app and provide another area for children to practice and learn.


Not rated for entertainment.


Priced at just under three dollars this app is a bit more than some parents may want to pay. While there are ten emotions included and narration options, the app does not offer any additional entertainment activities in addition to the story. There also are none of the learning tools found in many children’s ebooks, such as highlighting words as they are read aloud or embedding hidden animations in the illustrations to add interest.  Adding a few more activities and bringing down the price a bit would certainly create a more valuable app overall.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a great job keeping this app easy and safe for young children to use. With narration options and arrows to indicate how to turn the page, readers will have no problem moving through the app on their own.

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