LAMI find notes: Children’s Ear Training ! Music for kids

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  • LAMI find notes: Children’s Ear Training ! Music for kids
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  • Last modified: July 20, 2017
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Review Summary:

Adorable musical notes introduce kids to pitch through a variety of musical sounds and challenges.

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Adorable musical notes help kids learn to enjoy music and develop their ear for sound in LAMI find notes, an ear training app. As kids move through the app, they’re introduced to new musical sounds and combinations of notes. Throughout the app, they’re encouraged to earn stars and complete challenges. They can also compose their own tunes with a fun “Play Music” section which helps them understand the notes even more.

Features include:

  • Three Modes of Play
  • Increasing Levels of Difficulty
  • Adorable Singing Notes
  • Beautiful Background Music


From the moment kids open the app, they’re exposed to the adorable cartoon notes who immediately break out into a song of “la”s. They dance and laugh as they sing, getting kids excited about the app. Across the top kids can see the three modes of play: Find Notes, Play Music, and Scoring Game. To access the scoring game, kids must first complete all of the Find Notes section. On the bottom of the main screen, kids will also find a short credits screen and an icon that leads to an explanation of the characters within the app. The sound in the app is crisp and clear, but kids may want to have the volume turned up as they play to help them clearly hear the notes and complete the challenges.


This app focuses on part music education and part memory. For most of challenges, kids hear notes as they appear on the screen. Then they hear a single note or series of notes and must repeat what they hear by tapping on the notes. The goal is to help kids learn to identify pitch in many different ways. The app does a good job with this by incorporating different series of sounds and different notes. Each note is also a different color which may also help kids, although most will be focused on listening to the sounds rather than noticing the colors of the notes.


It’s not the Find Notes challenges, Scoring Game, or Play Music option that make this app fun. It’s the cute notes that appear on the screen throughout the app. Kids are introduced to each note’s personality in a “meet the characters” section. They also get to see the notes interact with one another during short animations that play before each Find Notes section. In addition to the fun characters, kids also get to enjoy silly sounds. For example, they hear the notes as cows, cats, and xylophones.


LAMI find notes is a quality app that has clearly been carefully designed to help children learn to distinguish pitch. Its price is comparable to the other ear training apps for kids, but its a lot more playful than some of the other apps out there.

Child Friendliness

Parents won’t find any in-app purchases, ads, or social media. The app does contain two inactive links to developer websites in the credit section. It also connects with your Game Center account to help encourage kids with challenges.

  • NO external links
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  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES connects to Game Center

Adorable musical notes introduce kids to pitch through a variety of musical sounds and challenges.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars