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  • Last modified: February 11, 2015
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Kapu Bloom Tunes is a cute app that blends coloring, creativity, and music to create a unique and fun experience for young children.

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Kapu Bloom Tunes is a cute musical app that encourages children to explore their artistic talents by coloring and creating unique flowers using a variety of colors. Each color coincides with a specific musical note, so as children play with the colors, they are not only creating an artistic masterpiece, but they are creating a unique melody as well.

Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Music play
  • Coloring


Kapu Bloom Tunes is a simple, yet very creative app that incorporates both visual artistry and music to create a fun app for young children to explore. The developers have done a great job keeping the user interface very intuitive and easy to use so players can explore the app on their own with out assistance from parents. With simple tapping, dragging, and drawing, children can color and decorate each seed before watering it and watching it grow into a gorgeous melodic flower. Overall this simple concept is very well done.


While this app doesn’t teach specific educational items such as numbers or colors, it does encourage children to explore the various colors and sounds throughout. Adding a simple word association for each color could definitely enhance the educational value of the app.


Since this app is very much a free play game, it is easy for children to get absorbed and have fun on their own. Young children will especially enjoy the melodic coloring of each seed and watching it grow into a cute, colorful, singing flower. Since there are not specific instructions, children are free to play the app over and over again to create new flowers and will certainly have fun as they do it.


Priced at just under two dollars, this app is not only cute and easy to use, but it’s a great value too. The endless play feature of the app allows young children to continue to play over and over again ensuring parents get their money’s worth.

Child Friendliness

Aimed at children ages 0-3, this app is well done. The set up is simple to use and very conducive to young children as it only requires a few taps and swipes of the finger to get going. With no additional instructions needed to play, this is a great app for little ones, especially if they are fond of music.

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Kapu Bloom Tunes is a cute app that blends coloring, creativity, and music to create a unique and fun experience for young children.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars