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Imagination Playground is a virtual 3D building app that is designed to allow children to build anything their amazing minds can come up with. Great for future engineers or little ones who love to build.

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Imagination Playground is an interesting 3D building app that allows children to create and build anything their imagination can come up with. With a variety of pieces of all shapes and sizes, the ability to rotate pieces and a gravity function to knock things over, this app is sure to be a future engineers dream app. Based on a real world product that consists of large foam-like pieces of all shapes and sizes, this digital playground is a fun way for children to play on the go.

Features include:

  • 3D images
  • 14 Building pieces
  • Endless playing time


While the overall concept is simple in nature, the developers have added various ways children can use the app to bring their ideas to life. The app consists of a 3D platform where various pieces can be dropped, flipped, and rotated in various directions to build fun creations. The 14 building pieces that are included are quite diverse, with various notches and holes to piece together which is great.

The downside is that the functioning of the app takes some getting used to. While it’s simple to add, delete, and rotate pieces on the 3D platform, it’s not quite as easy to piece things together and use the gravity function to roll the ball down the track etc. The concept is great, but the execution in terms of ease of use could definitely be improved.


While there aren’t any specific educational elements included in the app, Imagination Playground does give children the opportunity to use their creativity to build fun forts, buildings, tracks and anything else they can imagine. Watching the ball roll down various tracks is also a great illustration of gravity and physics in general which might be a good tool to use in the classroom. The app also inspires children to use their problem solving and logical skills to fit pieces together like a puzzle as they bring their imagined projects to life.


For children who love creating, building, and crafting their own creations, this app is a ton of fun and has lots to offer. It is definitely geared toward older children who will likely have a bit more understanding of how the 3D effects and rotations work, but smaller children are also likely to enjoy playing with the pieces as well. The free play nature of the app really provides a ton of freedom to build and create as much or as little as they want which is great for children who are naturals at it.

One of the things I think would add a bit more value to the app is to have specific shapes or templates for players to try and replicate. It would help children get a feel for the user interface and provide lots of ideas for creating their own creations in the free play area.


For children who are natural creators and love building things, this app is perfect and it’s absolutely free which parents will certainly appreciate. With the 14 pieces and free play set-up, it’s a great app to use in the classroom and one that is perfect to try at home.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a nice job making this app safe for children to use. While the user interface does take some getting used to, it does include instructions on what each button and option does within the app to help guide children as they get started.

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Imagination Playground is a virtual 3D building app that is designed to allow children to build anything their amazing minds can come up with. Great for future engineers or little ones who love to build.

$ Free
Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars