Free App Friday – July 29, 2016: Free Apps for Me Matey’s.

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will quench your child’s desire hit the high seas with their pirate friends. We’ve got three different pirate apps that will keep them engaged while they are learning. We also have an app that will help you to answer those tough questions about the sky and clouds that kids come up with, as well as an app to teach typing.

Pirate Mike Preschool Games

Pirate Mike and Friends is a pirate themed early learning app that allows children to practice skills in math, letter recognition, shapes and more. Easy to use and fun too. Read the full review here.

Kids Atlas

Kids can be so inquisitive especially about how the world around them works. Kids Atlas- Up in the Sky allows kids to learn answer to some of their questions about the sky. They will learn about the different levels in the atmosphere and will then be able to put them in the right order. A great way to learn about the atmosphere in an easy way.

Pirate Sword Fight

If your child could use more swashbuckling fun, Pirate Sword Fight may just be the app for them. The lite version is perfect for a child who is learning simple addition and subtraction with numbers 1-5. Unlock the full game for your more advanced children. Who can’t resist sword fighting with a pirate?

Fractions and Smart Pirates

What better way to learn fractions than by helping a pirate makes its way across the islands, defeating the evil captain and getting across a bottomless pit. Your child will get practice with fractions with denominations from 2-12. The visual displays will make understanding fractions a breeze.

Animal Typing

If your child is ready to learn typing, Animal Typing is a great app to begin with. They will learn the proper technique for typing. They will also be rewarded when they type correctly. The faster they type, the faster their animal will go. A great way to begin learning how to type.