Eric & Bruce Travel To Britain

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Eric & Bruce Travel To Britain is free play app with beautiful graphics and lots of fun interactive images that children will love.

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Eric & Bruce Travel to Britain is a fun, free play app with lots of beautiful illustrations and interactive images that children will love. With bright colors, fun sound effects, and simple music this app is one that young children will love exploring.

Features include:

  • Great illustrations
  • 50+ interactive images
  • Beautiful set up


There is no doubt that this app is one full of amazing images and interactive bits that will keep children entertained for hours. The crisp colors, fun illustrations, and the easy to use interface are fantastic for children of all ages. The developers have also set it up in a way that operates with a free play style so little ones don’t need any instructions to get started. They can simply have fun exploring all the app has to offer.


While this app doesn’t have specific educational activities, the free play style allows children to move through and explore the amazing images that are included. With a bit of help from parents, this app offers a great opportunity for children to learn about rain, various animals, and learn the special sites to be seen in Britain. Big Ben, the Queen of England, and so many other examples of British culture are included in this app and parents can help teach children about the culture very easily with this app.


Children are going to love this app. Between the crisp illustrations and the fantastic interactive images, this is one app children can play over and over again. The free play style is perfect for young children and with over 50 interactive images to explore kids will be able to enjoy this app for hours. By simply tapping through the images players can make it rain, meet the Queen of England, have tea with friends, meet a leprechaun and so much more! There are also specific stars throughout the app that indicate interactive bits that children can further explore. With that said, the only thing that would add a bit more value to the app would be to have some separate activities children can enjoy outside of the free play option.


Priced at under three dollars, this app is priced very well and the free play experience, images and interactive pieces throughout the app are worth every penny. It’s not one that will break the bank which parents will be happy about and with the amazing experience children get from this app, I think they will find it’s well worth the money.

Child Friendliness

With a free-play set up that is simple to move through this app is great for children of all ages. By simply tapping and touching images, children can move throughout the app with ease without a ton of help from parents which is great.

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Eric & Bruce Travel To Britain is free play app with beautiful graphics and lots of fun interactive images that children will love.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars