Education Apps for Kids

Moms and teachers have voted. Here’s our list of the Best Educational Apps for Kids. Perfect for keeping children mentally active these apps compliment all that hard work in the classroom with after school fun that continues the learning process.

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Awesome Apps Voted by Moms: Best Education Apps, Back to School AppsU.S Civics Apps, Early Learning Apps, Alphabet Apps for Kids, Learning Colors, Learning Numbers, Flash Card Apps, General Knowledge Apps, Geography Apps for Kids, History Apps, Homework Apps, Language Apps for Kids, Phonics Apps, Reading Apps, Spelling Apps, Writing Apps for Kids, Math Apps, Learning Money App, Learning Time Apps, Science Apps, Special Education Apps, Presidents Apps,

civic apps

Civics Apps

Here’s a list of the best apps and games for U.S. History and Civics. The best Civics & Government apps have been handpicked and individually reviewed by our moms and teachers.

early learning apps

Early Learning Apps

Apps are now a part of kids’ daily lives so we decided to create a list of apps that will help introduce some learning into this daily routine. These highly rated apps for Early Childhood Education are definitely favorites amongst the Best Apps team. We consider these our not-to-miss apps for early learning.


Alphabet Apps for Kids

Set the stage for reading success with these awesome alphabet apps. Kids will have a blast learning their ABC’s and building vocabulary with these highly rates apps.

learning colors

Learning Colors

Learning colors app are all about helping introduce colors to your kids. From bugs skittering around the screen to learning about their colors while exploring different environments, each app has its own unique approach to bringing color to life for children.

learning numbers

Learning Numbers

Kids love learning about numbers. Ok, that’s probably not true. Maybe with the help of these awesome apps for learning numbers that can change. Check out this list of the best apps for easy learning of numbers.

flash card apps

Flash Card Apps

Best Flashcard Apps. Never fail a test again. Now with the help of your favorite mobile device you can have digital flashcards. We reviewed the top flashcard apps based on user ratings, website and teacher reviews, as well as a direct review by our resident moms. There are some great apps that can help you study up for that next big test.

general knowledge apps

General Knowledge Apps

Name the topic and you will find the app that can help you learn all about it. This category looks at these specific interest and general knowledge apps and gives you the best of the best recommendations.

geography apps

Geography Apps for Kids

Are you looking for a way to teach your children or students geography? Wish you personally knew your world maps and capitals better? This list of geography apps will help you get there.

history apps

History Apps

Our moms have reviewed some awesome history apps over the years and below is our list of favorites. Compiled a list of our favorite history apps, suitable both for general interest and for helping teach your kids everything they need to know.

homework apps

Homework Apps

Never forget your homework with this list of homework apps. Some apps will help your kids add, view and complete their homework the easy way, while others focus on homework reminders and help tools for kids.

language apps

Language Apps for Kids

Here are some of the best apps for learning new languages. These apps are specifically designed for kids in mind.

phonics apps

Phonics Apps

Our list of recommended Phonics apps is full of great apps that introduce children to letters, keywords, and beginning sounds for young children or special needs students. These apps help kids work on listening skills while also practicing spelling and building their vocabulary.

reading apps

Reading Apps

This list of awesome reading apps will help your child practice essential literacy skills. The apps listed will help kids build skills in print awareness, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and writing.

spelling apps

Spelling Apps

From apps that include a fun way to learn spelling and words by playing games to apps that take a more traditional approach to language learning, all of our recommended spelling apps are perfect tools to help kids learn spelling, grammar and vocabulary—and have fun doing it!

writing apps

Writing Apps for Kids

Here’s a list of great writing apps that help children along every step of the writing process.

math apps

Math Apps

There are tons of clever ways to help your kid improve their math skills. We all know that quizzes over dinner, extra homework on weekends and morning math stories are all part of teaching our kids math. But if you’re looking for a new-aged approach using your handy iPhone or Android device, look no further than our list of the best math apps. These math apps are for kids of different ages, all designed to teach everything from basic arithmetic operations for the youngsters to the most advanced high school math for your elder kids.

learning money

Learning Money App

It is never too early to start teaching your kids about money. With these apps that teach kids about the value of money and how to save, you’ll start their investing career nice and early.

learning time

Learning Time Apps

Learning to time is a skill that every child needs to learn. These reviewed and recommended apps teach kids this valuable skill in a fun, educational way.

science apps

Science Apps

Aside from creating meaningful hands-on learning experiences for your child, you can also encourage a child to learn about science technology like your smartphone. From engineering to plants to space, chemicals and everything in between, science is a huge field that captures the imagination of children. Our list of awesome science apps you can help your child learn all about science.

special education apps

Special Education Apps

Powerful apps designed for students with special needs are more common these days and that’s a great thing. These app developers deserve a special round of applause for committing to helping children with special needs and the wider community by creating apps that empower independence in students with special needs.

us presidents

Presidents Apps

Learning the United States Presidents in school or just for your own gratification can be a time-consuming and tricky thing. Thanks to the App Store we have apps that can help us learn in a fun and effective way. We have found a selection of the best apps for learning all the fun facts about all the U.S Presidents.

program and coding

Programming & Coding Apps

Whether you want to introduce basic coding to your child or help a middle schooler dive deeper into their passion, these apps will help. Using these apps, kids can understand how coding works and the overall basics of programming.