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EDNA is a simple and useful mind-mapping app that will help students organize their thoughts with a graphic organizer, then convert them into a traditional outline useful for making the transition to a written piece.

Features include:

  • Simple interface, just tap, type and turn
  • Create graphic organizer in landscape
  • Show outline in portrait orientation’
  • Email to export outline to word processor or print
  • Easy to get ideas from in the head to on paper


EDNA is a high quality app that will help nearly any reluctant writer put pencil to paper. It is simple to use: Just tap to create a new mind-map, type in the content for each bubble, and turn the device to convert the organizer to a traditional outline that’s ready to guide the writer through the drafting process.  The app is pretty powerful: Each main topic (file) can have up to 12 topics, 72 subtopics and 288 details.  Developers also added the capability to email the outline form of the document and to easily print or convert it to use in your favorite word processing program.


Sometimes it can be a challenge just to convince students to put pen to paper to get started on writing assignments. This app gives everyone a handy stepping stone and a clear path to planning projects.  It is perfect for reluctant and experienced writers alike, because it guides students through the process of creating a web organizer for their thoughts on the project, then automatically converts the web into a traditional outline, which makes it much more obvious how to put the paper together into a rough draft.  In short, it does the job of a graphic organizer, then takes the pain out of converting that information into a more writer-friendly format.

Organization of writing is one of the biggest areas where students struggle, especially in middle school and high school.  EDNA will help many over this hump and get them in the habit of producing organized, coherent writing projects as they learn to go from paragraphs to essays to larger works.


This app is not intended to be entertaining, but it WILL help most students feel better about the writing process.


EDNA is a great value. There are similar programs that are more powerful, but they are also a lot more expensive.  There are similar programs that are less expensive, but they are more challenging to use and frequently clutter up workspace with advertisements and such.  EDNA presents a happy medium-simple to use, powerful enough to help nearly any middle or high school student with the organization of their writing, and inexpensive enough to purchase at just $1.99.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly.  It does offer the capability to send outlines through email, and this is not protected, but it is also necessary to the app’s functionality.  It might be nice for some users to have the option of hiding or turning this feature off if desired, however.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES unprotected email capability
Child Friendly
EDNA is a practical and easy-to-use mind mapping system that is perfect for middle and high school students who need to organize essays, reports, and other longer pieces of writing because it easily converts graphic idea webs into traditional outlines that make writing a breeze.
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