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  • Last modified: July 21, 2017
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Review Summary:

Duh Color Stuff is an exciting mystery storybook with lots of additional activities and clues to follow for the adventure lover in your home. Fun and easy to use, this app is sure to quickly become a family favorite!

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Price: $3.99
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Duh Color Stuff is an adventure-filled mystery with lots of plot twists and added activities for children to enjoy. Follow along as the Neighborhood Watch Kids save the neighborhood by following intricate clues and working together to solve the very strange mystery. With options to choose the direction of the story and lots of interactive activities throughout, this app is far more than just another storybook app. It is an exciting and mysterious journey for children to enjoy.

Features include:

  • Interactive puzzles and games
  • Narration options (Read to me, Read to myself)
  • Multiple story options


There is no doubt that Duh Color Stuff is a high quality app, not just because of the great illustrations and interactive bits throughout, but because the story is very intricate and entertaining for children. Add that to the easy to use interface with arrows and narration options throughout, this app is one that children of all ages can enjoy. The developers have done a really great job making this app fun, easy to use, and highly engaging.


What’s great about this app is that it not only encourages children to follow along with the narrator and work on their reading skills, but it also encourages them to use their logic and problem solving skills as they decide which direction the story should go. With a variety of choice points in the story that children get to select, they can use their problem solving skills to determine which is the best way to go in order to solve the mystery. There are also puzzles and clues to be found throughout the story that help children engage their problem solving skills too.

One thing that would add to the educational value is if the developers included text highlighting to the story. This would allow early readers to be able to more easily follow along with the narrator and enjoy the story while they learn new words and practice their reading skills.


Duh Color Stuff is a creative story that includes mythical characters and a team of very smart kids who are trying to save their neighborhood. By working together to find clues and piece this puzzle together, they are able to do what the adults could not and save the day. With a story like this, there is no doubt children are going to be highly entertained and engaged as they read. Not only that, but they will also really enjoy the many activities included within the story.

The developers have also included an option for children to make choices about the direction of the story to dictate various outcomes which is a lot of fun for kids. Unfortunately there are some selections that don’t allow readers to move all the way through the story and instead lead readers back to the original choice point to select a different direction. This can get frustrating for kids as they select their own direction and then are guided back to make a more ‘correct’ choice. If there is freedom in selecting the direction of the story, then it should allow kids to move all the way through instead of leading them back again. With that said, the rest of the app moves quite smoothly and is highly entertaining for kids.


With so many fun options and activities for children to enjoy in addition to the story you might expect this app to be priced quite high, but the developers have kept the price very reasonable at just under two dollars. With the option to have various story profiles to save your progress and lots of activities, options, and narration throughout this is one app children are going to absolutely love.

Child Friendliness

Overall the developers have done a nice job keeping Duh Color Stuff easy to use for children of all ages. Not only have they included narration options, but also arrows to indicate when to turn the page and an auto flip option for little ones. By adding a bit of text highlighting they could increase the child friendliness quite a bit especially for early readers.

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Duh Color Stuff is an exciting mystery storybook with lots of additional activities and clues to follow for the adventure lover in your home. Fun and easy to use, this app is sure to quickly become a family favorite!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars