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Looking for a new and fun way to have your kids practice those boring and repetitive math facts? Then look no further! Door 24 Plus is the answer you have been searching for. This fantastic app combines math facts with fun strategic games to keep the learning fresh and fun! Your kids won’t complain about practicing math if they can do it with Door 24 Plus!
This app comes with 2 great games to challenge those brain cells. Snargg Splat is a totally addicting game that combines math facts with strategy. Simply tap a ball to load the machine and a math problem appears for you to solve. Come up with the correct answer, and you can use your Snargg character to aim a ball at a grid. Fill up the entire grid, and you win! However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds! Every so often a mischievous little critter comes along in his twister and clears some of the squares out. The faster you go, the better your chances are of filling the grid before he comes back. There are also some bonus objects that appear on the board. Hitting them with the balls will give you extra points, extra squares, and fun badges. Another fun option for this game is that you can play it with two players so that the players each solve their own problems and work together to fill the board. Each player will receive problems on their level so if you have two kids who are at different skill levels, they can still play simultaneously.

Victor Fixer is another wonderful activity that helps you exercise those problem solving skills. For this game you must complete a battery circuit by choosing the correct numbers that equal the number on the plug; essentially thinking through a math problem in reverse. This game comes with many levels to choose from ranging from basic addition and subtraction of single digits up to using square roots and multiple operations to get the correct answer.

I found this app valuable on many levels. First of all, it is a great way to get your kids to practice those rote math memorization skills, replacing mundane flashcards. By incorporating the ball and grid aiming activity, it adds a fun reward for practicing math skills. I really loved the Victor Fixer game as a way to really test if kids understand the operation they are using and helping them think in reverse to find the answer. It was challenging, even for me! I also appreciate that this app can be used for children from first through eighth grade. It would be a wonderful tool for classroom use as well as at home. The two-player Snargg Splat game was fabulous as well and my kids and I had fun playing together, each at our own level.

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