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Review Summary:

Coosi Box is a creative art app that takes your little artist's masterpieces and turns them into exciting animations. A great app to create, color, and share pictures.

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Coosi Box is a creative art app that allows children to use their imaginations to create fun pictures that are turned into interesting animations. With the ability to share pictures with others and support the artwork of other children around the world, this app puts an unique twist on the traditional art apps out there.
Features include:

  • 9 Picture themes
  • Picture share capability
  • Creative set up


Coosi Box is a full of fun images and animations that children will enjoy. This virtual art app allows children to draw, paint, and color their own images that are then infused into fun animations. While the graphics are well done, the set up needs some work. It isn’t completely clear what needs to be done and how to use the app and having a little how-to video or instructions would definitely be helpful. After a few drawings children may get the hang of it, but it would be nice to have a bit more instruction up front.


While this isn’t an educational app it does allow children to explore their creativity as they draw, paint, and color fun images to be included in the animations. Once users get the hang of how to move through the app, they can really use their imaginations to come up with fun and fantastical interpretations of each picture and animation.


There are 9 picture themes in addition to one blank canvas for children to explore and enjoy. After selecting the theme, children are provided a blank slate to create their masterpiece using one of three tools; a crayon, a small paintbrush and a large paintbrush and 16 colors to choose from as they complete their masterpieces. Once their picture is complete, they can see it utilized in the themed animation in a fun way. For instance, one of the themes includes a plate and a fork and when the animation begins it shows someone eating the picture that was just created.

This app also allows children to view pictures that other children have drawn and give a heart to the ones they like and also see which of their pictures receives hearts from other children. This is definitely an interesting reward-like system that is meant to boost each child’s confidence in their drawings.

While the app allows children to utilize their creativity and wonder it would be nice to have a few other drawing tools and options to add a bit more to the app.


When you consider what you are getting in this app for no cost at all Coosi Box is a steal. For children who love drawing, coloring, and creating their own artwork, this app is perfect!

Child Friendliness

As mentioned above it isn’t completely clear how to use the app at first glance and takes a bit of experimenting to really understand how it works. Adding a simple how-to animation or simple instructions would help make this app easy for children to understand and use.

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Coosi Box is a creative art app that takes your little artist's masterpieces and turns them into exciting animations. A great app to create, color, and share pictures.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars