Chore & Behavior Apps for Kids

We’re taking a fresh look at Chore & Behavior Apps for Kids this year. While last years’  post included a selection of both reviewed and non-reviewed apps, this year we are just focussing on the best reviewed apps. The list includes apps that track chores and pocket money, while other apps focus on general good behavior, like sharing.

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Toca House

Toca House is a safe and kid-friendly app that teaches kids valuable life skills while entertaining them.

DreamHouse Tasks

Dream House Tasks is another app featured in our Chore & Behavior Apps for kids post that helps to teach children various responsibilities around the home. This app not only helps children remember what tasks need to be done and when, but it also helps them track what they have done each week in order to earn a reward. Parents also get to set up the specific chores that need to be completed each day/night as well as how many stars are needed for each reward.

Dirty Kids

Dirty Kids is one of the apps featured in our Chore & Behavior Apps For Kids post that is great for young children to learn and practice simple skills like getting themselves dressed, taking a bath, and cleaning clothes when they get dirty. This virtual environment is easy to use and is especially fun for little ones. If you are looking to get a jump-start on teaching little ones some general life skills, this app is a great way to start.

Just Helping My Dad

Just Helping My Dad is another entertaining and engaging digital book from OceanHouse Media that tells the tale of a son spending the day with his dad while causing a bit of chaos along the way. The various narration options and other features will inspire little ones to practice their reading skills and the story just might motivate children to be more helpful around the house.

Azawhistle Kids

Azawhistle Kids Everything Has A Home is a unique interactive story about a boy named Tejas and his dog Lollipop. Lollipop is no ordinary dog, in fact she is a very wise pup that practices “mashpotato” (meditation) and yoga to help clear her mind. She teaches Tejas how to mashpotato too which leads him to a grand idea in a moment of boredom to clean his room as a surprise for his mother. He soon realizes how overwhelming his messy room can be and devises a plan to find a home for everything. Children help Tejas tidy his room by placing every item in the right place. This fun and interactive app is not only a good story, but one that will teach children the good habit of tidying their own room.

Allowance & Chores Bot

Allowance & Chores Bot is another one of our featured apps in the Chores & Behavior Apps for Kids post that helps parents and kids keep track of chores to be done and allowance earned. After a bit of parent set up, this app will help kids track their chores, earnings, and spending all in one place. This app is a great way to keep families on track and in sync with daily and weekly chores and is especially great for those with multiple children.

Sharing with DuckieDuck

Sharing with DuckieDeck is another one of our featured apps in our Chores & Behavior Apps for Kids post that teaches children how to share their food and toys as they play with their friends. That’s not all, this app also has some fun, creative activities to explore as well. With great illustrations, fun interactive images, and the sharing lessons children will learn, this app is a must-have for parents and teachers.

iReward Chart: Parents Reward Tracker Behavior Chore Chart

iRewardChart is a reward system for tracking good behaviors. Behaviors (or tasks) could be things like using good manners, completing chores, or getting ready for school on time. Children are rewarded for good behaviors with gold stars. After accumulating enough gold stars, the stars can be cashed out for rewards you have established.

You Rule Chores

Make chores less of a chore with the You Rule Chores app for iPhone.This app creates a smart space for you to assign and track your children’s chores, and a fun environment where kids can level up and earn rewards for being chore champions.

Chore Pad HD

This is an awesome app. If you already use a chore chart / reward system – I do – you will love this. If you don’t use a chore chart / reward system, you should try it and try it on this app. The Chore Chart app by Nannek is easy to use and although for an iPad app $4.99 is quite expensive, it is totally worth it.


Chore-inator is an app that puts a technological spin on the traditional chore charts for kids. With specific chores set up by the parent for each child in the family, this app helps to organize tasks with ease and helps to streamline the chore and reward process. It takes only a few minutes for parents to set up before kids can get busy completing chores and claiming rewards.

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