Best Being Healthy Apps for Kids

Teaching children to be healthy is so much more than just eating healthy foods and being active and what better way to teach them these very important skills and information than by using highly interactive and exciting apps? We’ve compiled some of our favorite interactive games and storybook apps that you can use to keep your little ones healthy and strong.

Awesome Eats

Awesome Eats is an educational, healthy eating app that offers players a well-rounded experience as they learn important information about how to eat healthy fruits and veggies. It also includes other fun games and activities.

Yummiloo Rainbow Power

Yummiloo Rainbow Power offers a hands-on game that teaches players a bit about eating healthy fruits and vegetables. Fun, games, and learning good nutritional skills all in one app.

Smash Your Food

Smash Your Food is a highly interactive app that allows children to learn to differentiate between healthy and not healthy foods by “smashing” the poor food choices. This is a great app for kids to learn a bit more about the amount of sugar, calories, salts, and oils are in their food choices.

Just Going To the Dentist

Just Going to the Dentist is an excellent storybook app with narration, voice record, and vocabulary words that teaches little ones the importance of seeing a Dentist and keeping their teeth healthy and strong.

A Heart Pumping Adventure

A Heart Pumping Adventure is a storybook app that educates young minds on how important heart health is to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With a fun story used as the backdrop for sharing educational information about the heart, this engaging read is great for children.

Even Monsters Get Sick

Even Monsters Get Sick is an creative, interactive storybook app that offers a unique story about a monster not feeling well. With great illustrations, exciting games, and narration options this app is a ton of fun.

Kurbo Health Coaching & Tracking

Kurbo Health Coaching & Tracking is a great app for families that creates a hands-on experience to teach children how to develop good eating and exercise habits. It includes a fun tracker, games, and weekly challenges to make being healthy fun.