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Best 8th Grade Apps [Updated for 2020]

Help your eigth grader stay on top of their middle school workload

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best 8th Grade Apps So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Top Apps for 8th Grade

8th grade is a transitional time for most students. They are the top dogs in middle school, but most will soon trade for being the youngest and lowest in the pecking order for high school. Now is the time to help them make sure their skills are up to the challenge of the transition. It’s also a great time to help them learn to be independent thinkers and to discover how to make the most of their educational opportunities by honing basic skills.

Our reviewed and recommended apps for 8th grade offer review of middle school science concepts, inspire kids to start writing as well as quiz them on verbs, nouns and adjectives, work on foundational concepts in Algebra, and provide a homework planner to help students stay better organized. There’s a nice review of challenging skills in math and science that we threw in for good measure.

Middle School Science Pro 8th Grade

iOS App Store

Open the door to science practice with this app that offers quizzes on 10 different areas of 8th grade science, including matter, geology, weather, and more. The app is aligned to Common Core standards so you can rest assured that kids are getting the kinds of practice they need to be successful in school

Middle School Science Pro 8th Grade offers two modes of play to answer five question quizlets at three levels on ten subjects. Players compete for personal best scores, Game Center leaderboard placement, and to earn bananas that can be exchanged for game enhancements. The app costs ninety-nine cents, and has in-app purchases ranging from ninety-nine cents to $2.99. There are also specialized reporting tools available to teachers on the developers’ website.

5 Dice: Order of Operations

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

8th graders are making the jump from arithmetic to the more abstract and more challenging math courses, including algebra, geometry, and more. They really need a firm foundation in computation to be successful. There are somethings that simply cannot be taught using calculators! Calculators are wonderfully accurate, but if students don’t understand how to set problems up correctly, the calculator is just as good as the information fed into it. This app helps students improve their understanding of computation and how it works.

5 Dice: Order of Operations Game offers an endless stream of individual or multi-player practice with order of operations problems at any of five levels of complexity. Students are given five numbers and an endless array of operation and parentheses signs, allowing them to apply order of operations concepts to create equations that match the given target number.

Playground Physics

iOS App Store

Physics can be one of the tougher branches of science to learn for middle schoolers, but this app makes it accessible, up close, and personal. Kids will explore the physics of motion involved in familiar playground equipment and games. By using video and some other graphing and calculation tools, they can see the laws of motion in action. It’s a great way to make physics more hands on and help them gain first-hand knowledge.

The app is free on the App Store and offers a wealth of physics experiences, experiments, and more. It’s aligned to national science standards and simply perfect for classroom or home use.


iTooch  Language Arts Middle School

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

iTooch is a leader in digital learning, and offers a wealth of subject-specific practice to students of all ages. Check out their middle school apps, and particularly their language arts selection. Kids will cover all the basics of language arts, from sentence structure and parts of speech to reading and comprehension. Developers have “gamified” the learning so kids will be motivated to continue.

iTooch is free to download and has in-app purchase options to unlock various subjects and skills. The costs range from $1.89 to $5.99 each. The free app includes sample lessons, questions and activities to help you decide if the system will be right for your child.



iOS App Store / Google Play Store

Quizlet is more than just a study tool! There are literally thousands of quizzes that others have created, and students can create their own question sets to use privately or to share. Nearly anything that can be put into question-answer format or pieces of paired information can be uploaded and turned into flashcards with the touch of a button.

Quizlet is free to download and use. There are in-app purchases that may be of special interest to teachers or parents that cost from $11.99 to $35.99. These allow teachers or parents to access features like record keeping or creating more interesting quizzes.


Khan Academy

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

Khan Academy offers thousands of video lessons and practice questions on just about any subject or topic that a student might need to review. Users can look up specific concepts or take sequences of lessons that amount to supplemental teaching, reviews or even entire courses about whatever they want to learn. It’s very user friendly, and can be set up to send performance records to teachers or parents.

Best of all, it’s free to access this wealth of learning opportunities. And it doesn’t matter if a student is working on grade level, needs enrichment or more challenging coursework, or is struggling and needs review and reinforcement of more basic concepts, Khan Academy has got it covered.