Amazing Car Wash – The funny cars washing game for kids

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Uh Oh! The car is filthy! Better make a trip to the Amazing Car Wash to clean up! Amazing Car Wash – The funny cars washing game for kids is a fun new game that gives kids the chance to clean all of the vehicles they want with a variety of car washing tools. They can scrub, spray and shine their way to a clean vehicle as many times as they want!

This app is very easy to use. Simply choose which vehicle you want to clean. There are race cars, fire trucks, construction equipment and even a clown car! Once you tap the car, it appears on screen filthy and covered in dirt and paint splotches. Along the bottom of the screen are a variety of cleaning supplies including soapy sponges, scrub brushes, rags and even a magic wand! Tap the tool you want to use and go to work! Using your finger, drag the tool along the car until it is clean. Then tap as many others as you’d like until the vehicle is cleaned to your liking. Each time you use a cleaning tool, you earn stars that you can spend in the “Special Actions” menu. These things include a confetti shower on your clean car to celebrate or balloons floating to the sky. No choice is the wrong choice and no matter what you choose, it is sure to be tons of squeaky clean fun!


This app is super cute. Toddlers and preschoolers will absolutely love it. Even my second-grader likes to open it and play every once in a while! It is easy to use and fun to play. While it offers no real educational benefit, sometimes you just need to play and app for the fun of it and this app is THAT app. Kids will love the vibrant colors and cute characters. Amazing Car Wash will provide hours of fun cleaning play for your children.

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