2015 Edition: Best Apps for Back to School – Preschool

Apps for Preschool-aged children are pretty easy to find in the App Store. With so many available it can be difficult to decide which will help your preschooler develop important skills such as sequencing, patterning, building language skills and developing problem solving skills. Our list of reviewed and recommended Preschool apps can make finding the right app for your child easier.

Check these out!

Bug Mazing-Adventures in Learning

Bug Mazing-Adventures in Learning lives up to its name in lots of ways. Young players solve mazes by tracing lines, sequencing colors, recalling the order of the alphabet and counting. The concept and the fun, colorful thematic graphics put this app in a class by itself!

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Imagistory allows users to record narration for wordless picture books, encouraging creativity, story-telling, observation, sequencing, and descriptive language. Stories can be saved in video form and shared by adults over the internet.
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Montessori Preschool App

Montessori Preschool App is a wonderful educational tool for preschoolers that provides a wealth of information for children to practice and learn. With categories like colors, numbers, shapes, time, etc. and two games to play, children have lots of material that will keep them busy for hours.
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AlphaTots Alphabet

Alphatots is an unusual alphabet app that uses verbs instead of nouns for key words. This means that each letter has an associated action that kids can do instead of just look at.  There is an opportunity to play and interact with each letter!

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Jumpstart Preschool Magic of Learning

JumpStart Preschool Magic of Learning offers 15 different early learning activities designed to help young children gain better understanding of letters, numbers, shapes, sequencing and other readiness skills.  The games are colorful, animated and fun, with themes that will appeal to preschoolers.
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