2015 Edition: Best Apps for Back to School – High School

In high school, students are getting down to business, and they need apps that will support their learning.  Bells and whistles of entertaining educational games often (but not always!) give way to practicality as kids focus on the job at hand. Our selection of recommended apps will help students review important concepts in core subjects, study for important exams, and have a little fun along the way as they review and prepare for the next phase of their learning.

Story Chaser

Story Chaser is designed to build reading speed and accuracy for older students. Short passages of several sentences are presented with an illustration, and players must scan the text to tap the given target word within the short time limit. Players earn coins and unlock additional levels to progress through the game.

Thumbnail Theater-MacBeth

Dig in to The Scottish Play with Thumbnail Theater: Macbeth. This hilarious, well-crafted app is appropriate for Shakespeare lovers of all ages, and is a great way to introduce kids to the spookiest play in the famed writer’s repertoire.

ThUMP Ultimate Calculus and Algebra Training

ThUMP Ultimate Calculus and Algebra Training is designed to appeal to appeal to older kids. While the app creators promote the app for high school students, its content is also appropriate for students in many middle school math courses. Categories in the app range from number skills, exponents and basic algebra to more complex topics such as radicals and intermediate algebra, with option of purchasing more advanced categories.

Quizlet-Flashcards and Study Tools

Quizlet gives users access to millions of flashcards created by other users and organized by topic and class. The app allows users to create their own sets of flashcards, as well, and share with others or keep private. Users can opt to have most flashcards read aloud, and there are matching games to help students practice the info.

MyScript Calculator-Handwriting Calculator

MyScript Calculator allows users to hand-draw equations on the device’s screen, converts them to text and solves them. It includes the functionality of a scientific calculator and can balance equations with a question mark serving as a variable on one side of the equals sign.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s app opens the door to the Khan Academy library of instructional videos and practice activities for thousands of skills from early childhood through collegiate level. The activities are organized by grade and subject matter, and the search function will pull up specific skills based on keywords you type in.

Duolingo-Learn Languages for Free

Duolingo offers short and sweet practice sessions with a choice of 13 languages. The app provides several styles of interaction with bite-sized lessons and offers rewards for consistent practice, as well as many other features that encourage learning.