2015 Edition: Best Apps for Back to School – 5th Grade

The apps we’ve chosen for our reviewed and recommended list for 5th grade include basic fraction concepts, searchable math video tutorials, visual and written creativity while creating professional-looking books and word analysis practice covering multiple concepts.

Slice Fractions

Slice Fractions offers a wordless, hands-on walk through basic fraction concepts such as the meaning of the numerator and denominator, equivalent fractions, and fraction ordering. Players have to solve physics problems by slicing objects and removing barriers to movement at the correct times and places to progress through the game.


Bluster offers word analysis practice in several forms and on several levels. It’s a great way to learn to see patterns such as rhyming words, prefixes and suffixes, and other structural/phonetic similarities as well as usage categories such as adjectives and synonyms. This matching game allows for individual, self-paced practice, teamwork, and even competitive speed practice.


Grammaropolis (full version) is a teaching and practice tool to help students learn the parts of speech. The Nouns section is free, and the other seven parts of speech are available as separate in-app purchases of $1.99 each or $12.99 for the entire set. Each section includes explanatory videos and interactive books as well as brief multiple choice activities and two quizzes.

Creative Book Builder

Creative Book Builder (CBB) is an app that allows the user to create and publish books. While many apps are available for book creation, this one stands out among the crowd. The $3.99 price buys a powerful creative tool that can be used for a wide variety of projects.

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math offers a comprehensive collection of tutorial videos for topics and skills in middle and high school math. Users can search the collection by topic, by Common Core standard, or by textbook from the Pearson Mathematics Programs.