2015 Edition: Best Apps for Back to School – 4th Grade

There are so many great educational apps in the App Store for elementary school-aged children, we couldn’t narrow it down to our top 5 reviewed and recommended apps for 4th grade. Our list covers apps for encouraging creative writing and self-expression, text and visual design, scientific inquiry and observation, spelling, coding for kids and even a tool for assessing reading skills.

Word Creativity Kit-Play with Language

The Word Creativity Kit offers users a playground to make creations with words, colors, designs and pictures. Limited only by their imaginations and vision, users make virtual books that can serve as journals, notebooks, or canvases to be shared with others.


KidQuest offers a wide selection of craft, science and activity ideas suitable for most children. The app features clear, illustrated directions, badges for completing activities, and a scrapbook record of the fun.

Hopscotch: Coding for Kids, a visual programming language

Hopscotch: Coding for Kids is a great tool for teaching coding not only to kids but adults, too. The design makes it suitable for both and is flexible for a wide range of user experience.

Sushi Scramble: MultiPlayer Word Game

Sushi Scramble offers cooperative or competitive practice at spelling words from random groups of letter tiles, in similar fashion to many commercial word games. Multiple players can use the same Ipad at the same time.

Read With Me Fluency

The Read With Me Fluency app offers a simple and convenient way to assess student reading to teachers, parents, tutors, and others who need to monitor progress. The app allows users to administer an informal reading inventory (a common tool) to single students or entire classrooms or groups.

Book Creator for iPad

Book Creator for iPad allows users to author professional-looking and creative multimedia projects using a wide array of tools including pictures, sounds, text, drawings, and more. The books can be read on iBooks or various other e-readers, shared via Dropbox, email, or several other avenues, and can be exported as epub, pdf, or video formats.

4th-5th Grade Reading Comprehension Social Studies

This app offers sound comprehension practice on a variety of age-appropriate social studies topics, ranging from a study of latitude and longitude to selected topics in American history.