2015 Edition: Best Apps for Back to School – 2nd Grade

Our reviewed and recommended apps for 2nd grade include a wide variety of apps such as logic puzzles, apps for creativity and self-expression, building language skills and math.

Brain Quest

Brain Quest is full of fun and educational trivia that will keep children engaged and entertained while traveling. Not only is it diverse in the variety of educational levels, but it also has several adventure-based stages for each grade level. With questions in science, english, history, and so many more, this app will provide a ton of educational practice while children are on summer vacation.

Attributes by Math Doodles

Attributes by Math Doodles will challenge users’ ability to find patterns and commonalities, to notice and distinguish among fine details, and to sort and categorize finely detailed drawings. Students who play will be amazed to find that math includes such a wide array of skills, and also to find that it can be so much FUN!

Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls is back and this time it is introducing kids to new physics concepts. Like the first version of Thinkrolls, Thinkrolls 2 has kids guide a series of adorable round characters through a series of challenging mazes. This time instead of munching their way through cookies or watching balloons float, they’re experimenting with seven new items including accordions, water and barrels, eggs, fans, wormholes, batteries, and light bulbs. With these new items come even more challenges for kids to work their way through, building a basic knowledge of physics at the same time.

Highlights: All About

Highlights: All About allows young children to explore child-friendly topics in typical Highlights magazine style. Each section includes stories, puzzles and activity ideas that will help children take their understanding to the next level.


TeleStory taps users’ creativity as they create and produce television shows. With fun sound effects, theme music, and on-screen costumes, the possibilities for fun are limitless. Once the show is made, it can be viewed or saved on the device’s camera roll for later sharing and viewing.