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There are four words every parent does not like to hear: “There’s nothing to do!” Whether it be during these last few weeks of summer vacation, on a break from school or on vacation, these four words bring dread into the hearts of a parent. You frantically search your mind for new and creative ideas to keep your children entertained. You may even Google fun family activities, but wonder how much they cost or if they are really worth the effort once you get there. A new app called Yuggler can make that process a whole lot easier and ease your mind when it comes to finding things for your family to do.

“Yuggler” was derived by combining the words “Juggler” and “Youth” because the developers know that as parents, that is exactly what we do! We juggle activities, schedules, meals, chores, etc. for our youth! This app is basically an online, community based activity guide where parents and caregivers can go to find kid-friendly things to do. The app can access your location through the GPS on your mobile device or you can manually enter a location to search. Little bubble will pop up on the map showing you where different things are located in that area. Each type of activity is distinguished by it’s own unique symbol so you can tell instantly if it is a place to camp, eat, play sports, shop, or several other choices. If you click on a bubble, information about that activity will appear including a short summary of what it is, how much it costs, what age and gender the activity is appropriate for and how long it takes to do that activity. In addition, it may also tell you what season it is best enjoyed in, whether you can do it in good or bad weather and a star rating for that activity. Parents can also add activities that they have found in their area and rate them for the benefit of other users of the app.

I think Yuggler is a wonderful concept and would be a great tool for parents and caregivers to have. Whether you are looking for something to do in your area or maybe you are going on a vacation and need ideas to fill your days, this would be a great place to start. Having said that, when I got this app I could not find any activities within 50 miles of my home. I think this is a fairly new app and probably needs to build up some users before there are activities in several areas of the country. As a parent of four, I am willing to do my part by adding activities and spreading the word so this can happen. I think this is a fabulous idea and has the potential of being a very useful app once there is more information available to families in more areas.

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