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Review Summary:

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math is an outstanding reference tool offering searchable video tutorials on math concepts ranging from pre-algebra through algebra II.

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Virtual Nerd Mobile Math offers a comprehensive collection of tutorial videos for topics and skills in middle and high school math. Users can search the collection by topic, by Common Core standard, or by textbook from the Pearson Mathematics Programs.

Features include:

  • Comprehensive list of tutorial topics
  • Powerful search and organization tools
  • Capability to “favorite” videos for quick access
  • Clear and complete instruction
  • Common Core connections


Virtual Nerd Mobile Math is a must-have addition for students in middle school or high school who need a little boost in math. The app offers access to hundreds of tutorial and instructional videos that demonstrate step-by-step review of concepts ranging from pre-algebra through algebra II and trigonometry. The powerful search tools offered include browsing by topic, using the table of contents from newer Pearson math program textbooks, or searching by Common Core standard. Videos offer clear step-by-step instruction in the listed concept with a teacher demonstrating the idea on a whiteboard.


This app is a ready resource to fend off the frustration of not quite remembering how to do specific types of math problems. It will serve as a great stand in for copious class notes or even help students find their way through problems when they’ve neglected to bring their textbook home. Watch the videos in order to get a rather comprehensive course in math, as well.

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math isn’t limited to being a resource for students, though. Parents and non-math teachers will also appreciate having a willing tutor at their fingertips. The instructional videos are clear, with accompanying demonstrations and step-by-step solutions being written and diagrammed on the whiteboard.

With so many options to find exactly the right video to suit the need at hand, Virtual Nerd Mobile Math is a superb companion to math homework for nearly any student in middle or high school. Best of all, once you have found a video that is helpful and covers the concept needed, you can favorite it for quick and easy access. While it is keyed to the Pearson mathematics materials, there are so many other ways to find the topics you need that it is not necessary to be using that particular math program to use the app effectively.


While this app is not intended to be entertaining, it will keep most students engaged while learning. The video format will be a favorite for many, keeping them attending to even the most difficult explanations with a much higher degree of attention than printed materials ever could.


Virtual Nerd Mobile Math is an outstanding value. At the time of this review, the app is actually free, but even if it were priced at several dollars, it would be a good value. While it’s true that one can find most of these types of video tutorials on other websites, few other sites are as organized and as searchable as the video library contained in this app. Snap this one up as soon as you can-the math concepts aren’t likely to change, and the teaching is clear and accurate.

Child Friendliness

This app has no outside advertisements or in-app purchases. There are no links to social media, either. It does require an active connection to the internet to function, though, and will use data if you are on a mobile plan. There are unprotected, active links to the open internet and to an email form, but they are buried in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies, where students are very unlikely to stumble onto them by accident. That placement, combined with the age group the app for which the app is intended, make the app very child-safe.

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math is an outstanding reference tool offering searchable video tutorials on math concepts ranging from pre-algebra through algebra II.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars