Velociraptor: Small and Speedy

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Review Summary:

The small, but fast and fierce velocirpator comes to life in this high-quality animate eBook.

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Dinosaur lovers have a new eBook to add to their collection, Velociraptor: Small and Speedy. They’ll love learning about this “50 pound, bird-like dinosaur” as he races with his friends, searches for food, and interacts with other dinosaurs. High-quality illustrations and sound effects help bring this intimidating little dinosaur to life. Older kids will love how the Velociraptor constantly catches, traps, and chases away other dinosaurs and creatures, but younger kids may not quite be ready for this vicious dinosaur who is always ready for action.

Features include:

  • Detailed images
  • Fun sound effects
  • Dinosaur facts
  • Highlighted narration
  • Record your own narration


Like most books from Oceanhouse Media, Velociraptor: Small and Speedy doesn’t disappoint in quality. Kids will appreciate the highlighted narration, pop-up vocabulary words, and three reading options. However, what they’ll like most are the beautiful graphics and fun sound effects that really bring the velociraptor to life. While free from most blood and guts, kids will clearly see that the velociraptor may be small, but the other dinosaurs have reason to fear him.


This short story helps kids learn all about the velociraptor. They not only learn about his size and speed, but also discover his vicious nature. As kids learn about the velociraptor, they also learn about other dinosaurs, such as the gallimimus, and some of the features of the velociraptor’s habitat, such as the lack of water. Key vocabulary words appear throughout the animated pages, allowing kids to build their dinosaur vocabularies too.


Kids who love dinosaurs will be enthralled with every moment of this story. However, younger children may be put off by the vicious nature of the velociraptor, particularly when he catches and eats other dinosaurs. Non-dinosaur lovers also may not be so excited. Background music that sounds like it was composed more for a bedtime story than an exciting dinosaur story also may prevent some kids from staying interested.


For a high-quality story about a unique dinosaur, parents will appreciate the price. It’s a must-have for dinosaur lovers.

Child Friendliness

Parent-friendly information and controls hide behind special screens, keeping kids within the story. However, kids can still tap icons advertising other books and apps. While they can’t download them, they can beg their parents for them, causing annoyance. Parents and children can customize the story by adding their own narration, helping to make it more appealing.

The small, but fast and fierce velocirpator comes to life in this high-quality animate eBook.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars