Tracks ‘n’ Trains: Zoo Trains

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Review Summary:

Tracks 'n' Trains: Zoo Train is a great app that allows children to explore, enjoy, and build tracks of all shapes and sizes.

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Tracks n Trains Zoo Train is a great app for little ones who love building, crafting, and running their very own trains in a virtual world. With set train paths to choose from and the option to build and customize your own, this virtual train builder is a dream come true for little train lovers.

Features include:

  • 9 Pre-built tracks
  • Customizable tracks
  • 3 Background options
  • Speed control


Between the fun music and the great animations and visuals, this app is of very good quality. The developers have done a nice job of making it easy to use as children simply have to tap and touch the screen to begin building their tracks. Tapping a track twice deletes it and while some of the track angles take some getting used to, children will catch on pretty quickly. The colors are vibrant and the various train, background, and speed options provides lots of things for children to explore.


While there aren’t specific educational games or activities in this app, it is one that is very much like a puzzle. As children are putting together their very own tracks they are forced to think about how the pieces are placed together and are able to use their logic and problem solving skills to create fun patterns of tracks etc.


There really is so much to enjoy in this app between the 9 pre-built tracks and the option to build your own, children are going to be entertained for hours. While building your own track can take some time, it really allows little ones to embrace their creativity and enjoy the process of making simple or intricate tracks that they can save and experiment with later. There are also 3 trains to choose from as well as various speed options that can be adjusted. Players can also change the background setting, add trees, bushes, water, and other accessories to make their track more interesting and fun.


Priced at just under two dollars this app is a great deal. When you consider all the playing time you get with the 9 pre-built tracks, multiple trains, backgrounds, and accessories to choose from on top of the option to build a track yourself, this app has a lot to offer little ones. Versatile playing for a great price parents will appreciate.

Child Friendliness

Parents will be happy to know that the developers have been good about keeping this app child friendly. The main page offers a “How to play” button that provides guidance on how to move through the app as well as three options for getting started. The buttons within the playing area of the app are simple to use and once children get in and start building and interacting with the app, they will have no trouble at all creating fun tracks to experiment with. Adding and removing tracks is easy to do with a simple tap of the finger which is great for younger children.

There are not any in app purchases or social media links, however there is a button on the main page for ‘more apps’ by the developer. The buttons are protected by a multiple choice math equation that changes with each wrong answer. While it is ideal not to have any of these types of buttons in apps for kids, the developers have taken the steps to protect the button and have kept it only on the main page which is good.

Tracks 'n' Trains: Zoo Train is a great app that allows children to explore, enjoy, and build tracks of all shapes and sizes.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars