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Review Summary:

Adorable, playful app teaches numbers and shapes to toddlers and preschoolers.

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Your child can gain an in-depth understanding of shapes and numbers through the six different games offered by Tiny Playroom. This peppy, colorful app allows kids to sort shapes, see them in 3D, and use them to create different images with tangrams. They’ll get to organize numbers to create a xylophone and add and subtract them using rubber ducks. All of these activities help kids learn these basic skills in a way that’s not incredibly obvious, but that helps kids learn the specific skills while focusing on enjoying the six different activities.

Features include:

  • Six different games
  • Builds cognitive skills
  • Incorporates 3D shapes
  • Uses tangrams


In the midst of the peppy background music, kids will discover clear instructions helping them discover how to play each game. They’ll also get to experience adorable yellow ducks bobbing in a bath tub, bright shapes that come together to magically form pictures, and other high-quality graphics and images, some of which even appear in 3D. Each activity only takes a minute or two to play and isn’t bogged down by a lot of introductory text or animations, making it ideal for little fingers that want to quickly tap from game to game.


Kids will learn about shapes and numbers as they go through the various activities. In a few of the activities, the educational focus isn’t so obvious. For example, kids won’t realize they’re learning to count while placing shapes in the magic box. However, other activities make the lesson clear. For example, the virtual bath tub teaches kids about the concepts of plus and minus by allowing them to add and subtract rubber ducks from the tub. Whether obvious or not, the games still encourage learning, and that’s what matters.


While the age range for the app is 4 to 6 years, it will actually entertain kids even younger than that. Kids in the 2 to 3 age range will find themselves entertained by the magic box and thrilled with the rubber ducks. Those in the targeted age range will enjoy the tangrams and virtual tub, but may find themselves bored by some of the simpler games.


Tiny Playroom offers six different activities for kids to play and builds a variety of cognitive skills. However, some of its games may not entertain the app’s targeted age group. It serves as a great value for a younger age range and less of a value, but still a good value, for those who are 4 to 6 years old.

Child Friendliness

Kids will find themselves moving quickly through the game menu and will immediately hear instructions telling them how to play. All of the games move at an ideal pace for young minds and little fingers and they have the option to quit and go back to the main menu at any time. Parents will also appreciate that the app contains a parental lock to keep kids from accessing additional information about the games and the developer.

Adorable, playful app teaches numbers and shapes to toddlers and preschoolers.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars