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I Know My Body is an awesome app that teaches children a variety of anatomy facts with fun illustrations, interactive images, and hands on learning. Great for children of all ages.

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I Know My Body is one of the apps featured in our Human Anatomy Apps for Kids post that is educational, fun, and full of really great fun facts about the human body that are easy to understand. With a unique set up that allows children to view each body system in a variety of levels that include simple interactive illustrations, this app easy to use and very well done.

Features include:

  • Anatomy facts
  • Narration
  • Avatar options
  • 8 Educational levels


I Know My Body is full of great information, images, and interactive illustrations that makes learning about the human body fun! The illustrations are brightly colored and very well done. The interactive pieces are simple, but they provide children an opportunity to get more hands on with their learning. The developers have also included narration throughout the app in addition to the written information that makes the app easy to use for children of all ages. The unique set up is also pretty unique. Each page allows children to scroll up and down to view each body system as well as sideways to get more information about each system. This set up is quite intuitive and makes it easy for young children to play.


I Know My Body is all about learning fun facts about the human body. Not only are children going to learn about how we grow, but also about the skin, our senses, and the various systems of the body. As children select the system they want to explore, they are able to swipe left and right to get more information about how the system functions. There are also a variety of images and simple interactive pieces that further enhance the learning process. For example, while learning about the skeletal system, children are able to view how joints work by moving a bone back and forth.

Each paragraph of information is also narrated. Children can simply tap the written information to hear the narrator read it aloud. This is a great way for children to be able to listen to the information as they interact with the images/illustrations. The developers have also done a great job of sharing information in a way that is easy for children to understand by simplifying some of the names of body parts. Overall, this app is great for parents who are looking for a fun way to teach children about all the amazing things that the body can do.


While this app is set up as a primarily educational app, it is also fun to play. In addition to the simple interactive pieces that are disbursed throughout the app, there are also a variety of stars that are scattered through the app as well. Players must collect all of the stars by locating and interacting with the images associated with each star in order to receive their anatomy certification. Other fun pieces of the app include more hands-on activities like reassembling a skeleton by placing the bones in the correct place. One thing that would make this app more entertaining would be adding an additional feature that is more of a game separate from the educational info.


Priced at just under two dollars, this app is a great value. There is a ton of information that is shared with a variety of images, interactive pieces, and narration throughout that you can’t get at this price in a book. This is a must-have app for parents and teachers looking for an easy to use app that is highly educational.

Child Friendliness

With no advertisements, in app purchase links, or social media links to be concerned with, this app is perfectly safe for children to use. The developers have also included simple swipe functioning for children to move between pages as well as a variety of arrows and tabs that indicate where players can move to the next page. The narration through out also makes this app great for young children who may not be reading yet. With this being an anatomy app, there may be some concern about showing private body parts, however the developers have included a way for parents to decide whether to show the child avatar with under clothes or nude in the first level that describes some general body parts. The option is automatically set to include the under clothes, however this option can be changed in the ‘settings’ section for the app on the device that is being used. This option also impacts what body parts may be shown in other levels as well. While the default setting includes the under clothes, the ‘settings’ section on the device could be adjusted since it isn’t a protected link in the app. That is something parents may want to be aware of as they have their children play the app.

I Know My Body is an awesome app that teaches children a variety of anatomy facts with fun illustrations, interactive images, and hands on learning. Great for children of all ages.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars