The Rainforest Musical Kakamega

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The Rainforest Musical Kakamega is a magical experience for parents and children with an amazing story, beautiful illustrations, and wonderful music to enjoy!

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The Rainforest Musical Kakamega is so much more than your traditional storybook app, it is a truly magical experience. With a wonderful story that teaches children about the importance of saving the rainforest and the many benefits it provides for the world, this app will educate and entertain children in ways that no other app can. With in story music, access to the musical scores, and gorgeous illustrations, this app is a true delight!

Features include:

  • Wonderful story
  • Gorgeous illustrations
  • Original music and score


The first thing you notice about this app are the beautiful illustrations and images that are used throughout. While there aren’t specific animations for the images, there are some interactive features that play various sounds and music when the images are tapped. Both the sound effects and original music that were created specifically for this musical app are very well done, although the music is quite outstanding. Not only do children have a chance to listen to the songs throughout the story, but they can follow along with the lyrics too. The developers have also done a nice job making the app easy to use for children. With the simple tap of the finger they can easily turn the page and move through the app with no trouble at all. Overall, the quality of this app is excellent.


The Rainforest Musical Kakamega is a story all about saving the rainforest and the natural resources that thrive there. The animals, trees, medicinal flowers, and other useful plans are being destroyed by loggers and Kaka and Yano must help save the rainforest. The story is such a beautiful tale of how two young children are able to help save the rainforest, but beyond that children are learning a very profound lesson in the importance of saving the environment. This is one of those stories with a wonderful lesson amongst the beautiful words and pictures. The developers have also included the original music score in the app as well so children can read the music and learn to play it if they play an instrument.

While it is a musical storybook app, it does include narration though without the text highlighting. With everything that is included in this app from the story, illustrations, and music, the lack of text highlighting doesn’t seem like too much of a problem.


While there are no other activities in the app besides the story and the musical score, the story is quite entertaining. The full version offers 9 chapters, fully narrated with wonderful music, songs, sound effects, and a delightful story that teaches children an important lesson about the environment. One thing that was a bit of a disappointment is in the musical section. The musical area provides the lyrics to the songs along with the actual musical score, however there is not an option to actually listen to the music outside of the story. Adding this feature would truly enhance the entertainment value of the app.


The Rainforest Musical Kakamega offers a very nice preview of the app for free. The free version allows users to read the first 3 chapters along with the music included in those chapters to get a feel for what the rest of the app offers. I am confident that once parents see what the first three chapters have to offer, they will not hesitate to pay the $1.99 to gain access to the rest of the chapters. With the wonderful illustrations, musical set-up, and the overall experience that children will get in this app, the full-version of the app is a steal!

Child Friendliness

Children will have no problem moving through this app as the user interface is quite user friendly. Parents will also be happy to know that there are no social media links or advertisements to be concerned with. There is however the in app purchase link that is accessible through a button on the main page. This button is not protected, so parents will want to be aware of this as they allow their little ones to enjoy this app.

The Rainforest Musical Kakamega is a magical experience for parents and children with an amazing story, beautiful illustrations, and wonderful music to enjoy!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars