The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Mom!

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Review Summary:

The lovable Berenstain Bears are back with another heartwarming family tale. Perfect for the younger set, this read aloud story both entertains and inspires.

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Featuring a heartwarming tale about the love mothers give and receive, this app is a perfect addition to your child’s iBookshelf.

Features include:

  • Read to me feature
  • Professional Narration
  • Voice Recording


This high quality app is filled with great features. First and foremost, the storyline and illustrations are both interesting and engaging for young readers. The professional narration (done by a female with a light, pleasing voice) matches the story well and adds to the overall loving feel of the story. This app features zoom effects throughout the various pages of the book, giving the illusion of movement and keeping kids interested throughout the longer blocks of text.


This app features both a “read to me” and a “read alone” option, both great resources for young readers. Readers who haven’t yet mastered reading can enjoy the “read to me” feature. In this mode, the words are read by a professional narrator. Each word is highlighted as it’s read, prompting young readers to follow the text throughout the story. Older readers can use the “read alone” option. In this mode, the reader reads independently at his or her own pace. Unfamiliar words can be touched to hear them spoken aloud, a great option for readers who might struggle with some of the words.


While there aren’t too many bells and whistles, this app does feature a voice recording option, a fun way for your child to practice his or her reading fluency or perhaps make notes about creating a special surprise.


Priced at $2.99, this app delivers stellar content for the price. The enjoyable story, presented professionally, inspires children to think about their own special relationships with the people they love.

Child Friendliness

While the main page of the app (displaying the book’s cover) does link to other Berenstain Bear story apps, these are protected. When touching one of these additional stories, a popup screen appears, telling users that this section is for parents only. Directions are given to the parent to access the story app on the App store.

In this heartwarming tale about mothers, the cubs learn about what makes mothers special and see the special relationship between Papa Bear and his mother. They then decide to make a craft project for Mama Bear — a simple project that can easily be made by children enjoying this story for their own mothers.

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