The Berenstain Bears Lose A Friend

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Review Summary:

A great app that uses a gentle approach to teach children about the death of a beloved pet.

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Price: $2.99
AppStore User Rating: 4

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The Berenstain Bears Lose A Friend is a great book for parents who are looking for a gentle approach to teach kids about losing a beloved pet and friend. This book has all the wonderful attributes that many of the Oceanhouse Media books have with a lovely story and life lesson for families to share. This is a must-have for families!
Features include:

  • Narration Options
  • Voice record
  • Wonderful story


Oceanhouse Media always offers wonderful, high-quality storybook apps and The Berenstain Bears Lose A Friend is no different. This app includes not only a wonderful story, but also narration options, a voice record feature, as well as wonderful interactive illustrations that children can tap and touch to learn new words. The images and illustrations are similar to what you might see in the hard-copy book which children will love.


With the narration options and the voice record feature, children are able to work on their reading skills as they learn how to handle the death of a beloved pet. This app also allows children to tap and touch various images and illustrations throughout the story to see and hear the word, which provides an opportunity for children to add new words to their vocabulary. Like many of the other Oceanhouse Media apps, this digital storybook is great for early readers as it will provides lots of reading practice.


While the story itself isn’t the most “fun” topic to read about, it is one that is important for children to learn. The story allows children to learn about the death of a beloved friend in a gentle way. The illustrations allow children to interact with the story a bit as they read and while it isn’t a game or other activity, it does help keep children engaged.


Priced at just under four dollars, this app is in line with many of the other Oceanhouse Media storybook apps and is a good deal. The voice record feature, narration options, and the interactive images provide a lot of great ways for children to read through this story, not to mention the story itself. For families who want to teach their little ones about the death of a pet, this is a great app to use.

Child Friendliness

Easy to use and safe too, this app is great for children of all ages. The narration options allow pre-readers to enjoy the story without having someone else having to show them how to use the app. Parents will be happy to know that the other apps that are shown on the main page are protected so children aren’t going to be getting into areas they shouldn’t be. The “info” tab is also protected making this app completely safe to use.

A great app that uses a gentle approach to teach children about the death of a beloved pet.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars