The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks

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Review Summary:

Another great storybook app from Oceanhouse Media that gives a bit of history behind Thanksgiving, while teaching little ones about having compassion for animals.

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Price: $3.99
AppStore User Rating: 5

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Another fantastic app from Oceanhouse Media, this storybook app is perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday. This book shares a bit of compassion for turkeys while sharing the story of the pilgrims in an app that has all the extras we are accustomed to seeing from Oceanhouse Media. Great for children of all ages, this app is a wonderful addition to your holiday library.

Features include:

  • Narration options (Auto Play, Read to Me, Read to Myself)
  • Text highlighting
  • Voice record


The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks is another wonderful storybook app from Oceanhouse Media that children will love. The interface is simple to use for children of all ages, allowing for simple tapping and swiping to move through the app. The narration options, sound effects, and simple transitions help keep things interesting and fun as children follow along or read to themselves. As always the developers have delivered a high quality app.


It is always nice to see a storybook app with narration options (read to me and read to myself) in addition to the text highlighting for children to follow along. This addition allows children to practice their reading skills and learn new words as they read. The illustrations also help with learning new vocabulary words since it allows readers to tap the images to see the word appear (and hear the narrator read it aloud in read to me mode). This is a great way for early readers to learn new words as they work on their reading skills.

The storyline is also a great way for children to learn about Thanksgiving and compassion. Sister Bear is concerned about having her turkey friend for Thanksgiving dinner and is happy when she finds out she can keep him as her pet. This story provides a great lesson in gratitude, the Thanksgiving story, as well as compassion for animals.


While there aren’t any additional activities in this app, the story itself is entertaining for children. The sound effects and small transitions between pages keep things interesting as children move through the story. Younger children might find the ‘auto play’ option to be even more enjoyable as they don’t have to turn the pages etc. and they can be fully engaged in the story itself.


Currently priced at just under two dollars this app is a great deal. Many Oceanhouse Media apps are priced a bit higher so this one is a steal. Parents will love the story for not only the content, but also the extremely affordable price.

Child Friendliness

Oceanhouse Media generally does a nice job of creating child friendly apps without accessible social media links or advertisements and this app is no different. The main page offers three parent only buttons that are protected and does not provide access to these buttons in the story itself which is great for young users. One thing to mention however is that at the end of the story there is a pop-up option to review the app. It is a protected button, however it is still within the reading area where children will see it. Moving this to one of the parent areas is ideal even with it being protected.

The set-up is also very child friendly with simple tap and swipe functioning to progress through the story. The narration options allow even young users to enjoy the story while they follow along with text highlighting. Parents will be happy to know this story is not only a great read, but it’s safe too.

Another great storybook app from Oceanhouse Media that gives a bit of history behind Thanksgiving, while teaching little ones about having compassion for animals.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars