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Review Summary:

TeachMe: Kindergarten is an outstanding all-inclusive educational app that is a must-have for parents with little ones at home! Great content at an even better price.

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Price: $1.99
AppStore User Rating: 4.5

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TeachMe: Kindergarten is an incredible app that has everything a child needs to practice a variety of skills to get them ready for Kindergarten. With sight words, math problems, letter tracing, and more, children can work through several levels to build their skills. Parents and teachers will certainly appreciate the intuitive interface and the way the developers have included a fun reward system to keep children engaged. TeachMe: Kindergarten is a must-have app for families with young children at home!

Features include:

  • Multiple profiles
  • Reward system
  • 6 Subjects covered


TeachMe: Kindergarten is extremely easy to use and does not require a ton of instruction for kids to get started. Parents have the opportunity to set up specific parameters in the settings area after setting up each profile which is great. The graphics that are included in the app are brightly colored and simple. The developers have also included narrated instructions for each activity without any additional music to distract children as they work through the problems. Overall, the quality is very good.


TeachMe: Kindergarten is by far one of the best educational apps I have seen. With so much to learn and practice, this app is perfect for early learners. There are six subjects that are covered including, sight words, addition, subtraction, spelling, and writing letters and numbers. Each activity includes brief instructions as to what needs to be done. For instance, in the sight words activities, the narrator asks children to find a specific word out of four options. This makes it easy for visual and auditory learners to understand what they need to do.

The math activities are really helpful because in addition to the problem showing ( for instance, 2-1=__ ), a picture is shown that can help children figure out the problem. An example might be having two flowers shown and children can drag and drop one into a
trash can in order to count how many remain. This hands on approach is great for children who might have trouble with visualizing the math problems.

Parents and teachers have the ability to customize the settings for each individual profile that is set up. For instance, they may choose to take certain subjects out of the practice for a specific child etc. They can also see how well each child is doing by viewing the progress for each profile which shows the level for each subject as well as the number of right/wrong answers.


As children complete their activities they are rewarded with coins that can be used to purchase stickers for a variety of backgrounds. The settings area allows parents/teachers to select how many correct answers are needed to earn a coin. This is a great way to keep children engaged especially if the number of activities they have to complete isn’t too many. Once they earn their coins and purchase their stickers, they can rearrange the stickers however they choose which is fun.


Parents and teachers are going to love the fact that this app is offered at just under two dollars. With so many activities, profiles, levels, and customizations that are possible, the price is outstanding. When you consider what you might pay for workbooks with these types of activities in them, parents would spend a fortune. This app is a wonderful value!

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a great job making sure this app is easy to use and safe too. The parent areas are protected so children won’t end up changing settings etc. The user interface is also very intuitive. By tapping and touch the correct answers or following along with the visual instructions that are provided, children will easily be able to complete each activity. The narration that is used throughout for each activity adds another level of ease for children who are better at verbal instructions. The developers have done a great job making this app educational, engaging, and simple to use.

TeachMe: Kindergarten is an outstanding all-inclusive educational app that is a must-have for parents with little ones at home! Great content at an even better price.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars