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SON of the SUN and WIZARD LIZARD is a delightful storybook app full of amazing animations that teaches children the valuable lesson of forgiveness.

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SON of the SUN and WIZARD LIZARD is a unique interactive storybook app full of great illustrations and sound effects that teaches children the important lesson of forgiveness. With tons of fun sound effects, music, narration, and a puzzle that is also included, this app has a great deal of material to keep children engaged.

Features include:

  • Narration
  • Puzzles
  • Delightful illustrations
  • 150+ Interactions/animations


SON of the SUN and WIZARD LIZARD is not only a great story, but is also a wonderful interactive experience for children to enjoy. Parents will immediately recognize how much time and effort was put into the illustrations, images, and interactive pieces upon opening the app. The developers have also included a great deal of sound effects, narration, and music that help to round out the interactive experience and keep children engaged. The text highlighting and exploratory features that allow children to tap the images to bring them to life, this app is very easy to use for children of all ages.


I love stories that teach children valuable lessons and SON of the SUN and WIZARD LIZARD is a story that does just that. This story is a heartfelt tale all about forgiveness. It teaches children to forgive those who may have done some not so nice things to us and how the simple act of forgiveness can change the world.

In addition to teaching children this valuable lesson, it also encourages children to work on their reading skills as they move through the app and follow along with the narrator. The text highlighting is a great addition as it helps early readers follow along and possibly learn new words as they read.


In addition to all the amazing interactive illustrations, music, and sound effects to keep children entertained, the developers have also included 4 puzzles with three different difficulty levels for children to enjoy. Having this additional entertainment piece is a great way to keep children engaged, however the puzzle isn’t accessible from the main page (unless you go to the table of contents view that shows all of the slides). It is also accessible at the end of the story and is in the last page before the credits. Adding an option to access it from the main page would be ideal. With that said, the story, interactive pieces, and the puzzles make this app highly entertaining.


Priced at just under five dollars, this app is on the higher end of the digital storybook pricing, however it is clear a lot of time and creativity went into the producing such a high quality experience for children. Some parents might find the price to be beyond what they prefer to spend on an app, but I believe it would be a great addition to any virtual library not only for the entertainment, but also for the valuable lesson on forgiveness it teaches. I also think children will find this to be one of their favorite storybook apps because there is so much to explore.

Child Friendliness

SON of the SUN and WIZARD LIZARD is great for children of all ages. It includes narration, text highlighting, and a ton of interactive pieces for children to explore. The set up is also very easy to use since children can explore by simply tapping and touching through the illustrations. One thing that is interesting (and possibly intentional) about this app is that the text and illustration/interactive pieces are on separate pages. The text pages are pretty plain, however this could be a way for children to focus on the story before getting caught up in the illustrations. While this doesn’t necessarily make the app less child friendly it is unique to most of the storybook apps I have seen.

Parents can rest assured knowing this app is safe to use since the credits info (that includes a social media link) is protected. There are no in app purchases or advertisements to distract children as they move through the app making this app great for children of all ages.

SON of the SUN and WIZARD LIZARD is a delightful storybook app full of amazing animations that teaches children the valuable lesson of forgiveness.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars