Seasons by Cleverkiddo

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Review Summary:

Seasons by Cleverkiddo will introduce young children to the four seasons through multiple activities; activities can be used to improve a number of educational abilities.

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Through activities that include shape recognition, counting, problem solving and logic skills children will discover the four seasons.

Features include:

  • Introduction to the four seasons
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Counting activity
  • Shape recognition activity
  • Dress the doll activity
  • Child-safe play environment


Overall Seasons by Cleverkiddo is a good quality app with an easy to use and child safe interface. The pleasant background music can be muted for those that choose to play without. An option for U.S. English would be beneficial for children in the U.S. as the accent used is a bit heavy and could lead to children mispronouncing words or becoming confused.


Each of the four seasons offers young users four activities through which they will learn about things related to that season. The jigsaw type puzzle includes a scene one might see during the season, dressing the doll activity will teach children which clothes may be appropriate, the shapes activity has them assembling an object found in that season and the counting activity has children counting objects in a season-related scene.

The jigsaw puzzles provide the scene in the background and outline for the pieces to aid in completion of the puzzle; pieces snap into place which is another great benefit for young users.

A camera feature is available in the dress the doll activity; however, it currently functions a bit differently than what children may have become accustomed to. For this app, the camera feature is used to indicate if the character is dressed appropriately for the season. The character will smile if dressed appropriately or gasp if not. One benefit to this method is that your camera roll will not be overflowing with pictures from the app; the downside, kids LOVE to take pictures with their device.

The app does not contain much in the way of text and no reading is required. Users will see the name of the shapes and numbers as they are spoken out loud during the shape and counting activities. Providing this functionality is so beneficial to children in the target audience even if they are currently not able to read.


Children will enjoy the variety of activities available within this app. Additional content within those activities would go a long way to boost the longevity of the app’s staying power on a family’s device. Currently each season contains one jigsaw puzzle, one shape and one number. Every time the user returns to the activity they receive the same content. The scene, shape and number do vary based on season.


Seasons by Cleverkiddo is a nice quality app with activities aimed at teaching children about the seasons while also improving other educational skills. Being a universal app extends the value of this app for families or schools with multiple sized devices. Additional content would make certain that kids want to return to the app over and over again.

Child Friendliness

While there are multiple features that make this app a pleasure to play for young children, it also contains two important features we look for in apps for kids. Seasons by Cleverkiddo is a good example of a child-safe and child-friendly app. Parents will have no worries about their child accessing areas intended for adults as there are no social media buttons, external links, ads or in-app purchases in this app.

Seasons by Cleverkiddo will introduce young children to the four seasons through multiple activities; activities can be used to improve a number of educational abilities.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars