Sago Mini Road Trip

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  • Sago Mini Road Trip
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  • Last modified: December 5, 2014
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Review Summary:

Sago Mini Road Trip will have your little one ready to take their own adventure as they enjoy taking Jinja the Cat on a road trip to remember.

App Info

Price: $3.99
AppStore User Rating: 4 Download on the App Store


Sago Mini Road Trip is another cute, free play app for little ones that will inspire and delight children for hours. With lots of fun interactive animations, awesome background music, and a fun, easy to use set up, this app allows children to take an exploratory road trip to meet a few friends. If you liked the other Sago Mini apps you are sure to love this one!

Features include:

  • Free-play set up
  • 10+ Vehicles to choose from
  • Interactive illustrations


If you have ever played one of the Sago Mini apps you know they are full of fun interactive illustrations that are easy to use. The interface operates with a free-play function that has no start or end or complicated rules so children can explore at their own pace. The visuals are brightly colored and quite appealing for children and the sound effects that accompany the app are a great addition to help bring the app to life. Overall, this is a high quality, fun app that children will love.


While there aren’t any specific educational pieces to this app, children will get to use their logic a bit. Prior to leaving for their trip, they must first pack their suitcase, select a vehicle, and put their suitcase in the car. Along their trip they also have the opportunity to get gas and wash their car. These simple additions to the app can help children understand the logistics behind taking a road trip and while they aren’t your traditional educational features like mathematics or spelling, they are important to know.


Sago Mini is full of entertaining bits. The entire road trip journey is full of fun music and images that children will love. From the beginning of the app, children get to pack their bags, select a vehicle and head out on the open road. As they move along they are greeted by animals on the side of the road and giant cupcakes and gifts that explode with confetti and icing. These fun surprises are scattered throughout the journey making it one to remember. Players also get the chance to fill up their gas tank and wash their vehicle as part of their trip. And who says your car (or pickle or bathtub) has to stay on the road? These vehicles can actually fly through the air which adds a bit of adventure to the trip. This simple concept creates a lot of fun as children visit their Sago Mini friends in the city, the mountains and the country.

One thing I did notice about this app that is a little different than the others is that there isn’t as much interaction with the background animals and friends you meet along the path like you might see in some of the other apps. The main focus is on what you encounter on the road and in preparing for the trip itself. It doesn’t dismiss the entertainment value of the app, but it’s not what you might think of having experienced the other apps.


Priced at just under three dollars this is one app that will not break the bank and will easily become a family favorite. With lots of cars to choose from and various adventures to enjoy, this is one app little ones will play for hours.

Child Friendliness

Sago Mini apps are always very good about keeping their apps easy to use and safe too. With no in app purchases or social media links to be concerned with parents can allow their children to play without worry. The main page does offer a parents section along with a button to additional apps by the same developer but both are protected. The ‘other apps’ button allows children to see the apps but they cannot access them in the App Store since they are protected. The main area of the app does not have any additional buttons or issues to be concerned with.

Sago Mini Road Trip will have your little one ready to take their own adventure as they enjoy taking Jinja the Cat on a road trip to remember.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars