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  • Recycling Workshop
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  • Last modified: July 25, 2014
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Review Summary:

Be creative! Design your own characters with this app from Jump App.

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Recycling Workshop uses 20 different recyclable materials as a character design base. Each of the bases allows you to design your character completely. Everything from the hair to the eyes to background is customizable. You can even choose to use your iPad photos as the background if you don’t like any of the available options. If you have a creative child that loves to make things, this app is a perfect match.

Features include:

  • kid-friendly design
  • 20 different character bases
  • 150 different decoration items


The game is very well designed. All of the base pieces look true-to-life, while the design pieces look just like stickers that children might use to decorate a Halloween pumpkin. There are tons of options that give a lot of freedom to use their imagination to its fullest extent. While this game could be replicated in real life, it would be difficult to come up with the same quality seen here.


This app is not being rated for Education.


For the creative child, the app is very entertaining. With 20 bases and over 150 designing options, your child will be able to create any number of characters to their hearts’ content. If your child isn’t the creative type, there may not be a lot here for them.


If you are looking for an app that will teach your child about recycling, you will not find that here. However, if your child loves creating new things and using their imagination, this would be the perfect game for them. There are more than enough tools for them to use to find hours of fun.

Child Friendliness

Recycling Workshop is very child friendly. The pieces are easily moved between the menu and the play area. In addition, there are no in-game purchases, no ads, no data collection, and no social media connections. The only external links are “More Apps” and “Rate This App,” both of which can be turned off in the parental zone.

Be creative! Design your own characters with this app from Jump App.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars