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Promote basic math skills by having kids interact with silly monsters as they improve their number recognition and counting skills through fun games.

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Help kids improve their number recognition and counting skills by playing Quick Math Jr. Silly monsters guide kids through a variety of mini games and reward them with new new eyes, mouths, hats, and other features to help them create their own fun monsters. Adaptive game play helps ensure that the number activities kids complete fit their level and ensure the maximum amount of learning takes place.

Features include:

  • Multiple player profiles
  • Adaptive math challenges
  • Unique number and counting games
  • Fun monster creator


While a little confusing at first, kids will quickly figure out how to create a player profile and get started. The game guides kids rather than having them do most of the work. On the game board, a giant play button guides kids to the games and a random game selector choose the games kids will play. Once a game starts, a hand shows kids exactly how to play before setting them free to try it on their own.


Kids will find numbers represented in multiple ways. Rather than simply counting monsters and selecting the appropriate number, kids are exposed to different counting scenarios. For example, they may have to count how many monsters enter a house, add monsters to a bus, or place numbers in a sequence. In many of the games, the numbers are represented by dots on dice rather than in a more traditional form, making kids work harder to figure out the correct answer.

Many of the games align with the kindergarten and first grade Common Core State Standards, as well as Australia’s foundation year and year one standard. The specific standards are outlined in the parent section which also includes ideas for helping improve kids’ basic number skills at home.


The math games offer enough challenge and excitement to keep kids entertained. However, the app selects the games for kids rather than letting them choose which games they want to play. This could disappoint kids who want to play a particular game when they open the app. The app does give kids some incentive to get through the games they don’t like though by offering them the chance to earn more accessories to help with building their silly monsters.


Somewhat similar in price and in scope to many other early math games, Quick Math Jr. stands out because of its adaptable game play and the unique ways it represents numbers as kids play.

Child Friendliness

Kids will find the app easy to navigate and easy to play. While all of the instructions are nonverbal, they clearly model how to play each game before setting kids free to play the games on their own. There may be a bit of frustration when kids discover they can’t choose the specific game to play, but they’ll have fun rotating through the games. Parental blocks keep kids from accessing parents only section of the app and from downloading more apps, although when kids tap on the “more apps” button they will be able to see other app icons and sale information. However, if the device is not online when kids play the game both the parents and more apps sections will not work anyway.

Promote basic math skills by having kids interact with silly monsters as they improve their number recognition and counting skills through fun games.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars