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Kids build basic math skills while interacting with farm and jungle animals in the large selection of games found in this app.

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Despite the lengthy name, Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo is a fairly simple app designed to help kids boost their beginning math skills. As kids play the 12 different games, they learn about counting, addition, subtraction, shapes, and concepts such as biggest and smallest and greater than and less than. Each game features a combination of farm animals and jungle animals in a natural setting. While they’re building their math skills, kids can also click on the scenery to learn more about the animals and their habitat.

Features include:

  • 12 Games
  • No in-app ads
  • Positive praise
  • Interactive background


When kids first open the app, a male narrator instructs them to “click on one of the flags or signs to play a game.” This repeats until kids make a selection. Choosing the first game may take some time because it’s not initially clear what each game is. Once kids select a game, a robotic female narrator instructs them how to play and some low-key animations appear. While the quality will be high enough for most kids, improving the animations and getting rid of the female narrator would really enhance the games.


Each game focuses on a different math skill, so kids can build a wealth of basic skills as they play through the games. The different games appeal to kids with different levels of skills too. For example, in a basic counting game, kids can tap on each animal and hear the numbers counted aloud or simply click on the correct number of animals from a list of choices. In addition and subtraction games, kids can also count on the animals to add or subtract them or simply solve the problem on their own and choose the correct answer from a list.


The wide variety of games helps keeps kids interested in building their math skills. As they play, they’re encouraged to keep going with positive praise such as “keep up the great work” or “it’s fun counting animals.” Correct answers are rewarded with balloons and more positive praise. Interacting with the animals rewards kids with fun animal sounds. They can also tap on objects in the background to learn about trees, wildflowers, and other plants.


Kids get a good mix of games with the free version of the game. However, the number of locked banners they see when they first open the app may be discouraging. Parents have the option to purchase the games through in-app purchase. Unfortunately, parents must tap to start the in-app purchase process before the price is revealed. Thankfully, it’s a fairly reasonable price considering the wealth of games it unlocks.

Child Friendliness

At first, kids may have a little trouble figuring out what games lie behind the flags and signs. A little tapping around, however, and they’ll quickly figure it out. When it comes to purchasing more games, parents can rest assured that kids will not be racking up charges. Access to in-app purchases requires parents to answer a multiplication question that is well above the level of math skills covered in the app.

Kids build basic math skills while interacting with farm and jungle animals in the large selection of games found in this app.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars